Friday, July 26, 2013

Arthurstone 1879

To Captain James Hughes, Commander ship Arthurstone. 

Dear Sir,-We, the undersigned, single girls on board your vessel, beg you to accept this trifling present from us as a small token of our sincere regard and gratitude to you for your manifold kindness to us during our voyage from Queenstown to Brisbane.

August 2, 1879.

Bessie     SMITH,    Harriet     BRADSHAW,
Bella     CRANSTON,    Annie     SMITH,
Eliza     JORDAN,    Irene     DUBOIS,
Lizzie     O'SULLIVAN,    Alice     ALLEN,
Sarah     SHARPLES,    Ellen     KEANE,
Julia     SULLIVAN,    Mary     ARMSTRONG,
Annie     DOWNING,    Ellen     PARKER,
Emily     PECKHAM,    Lillian     BONNEY,
Zara     BEECK,      Susan     TIERNEY,
Mary    KINNELLY,    Norah     WALSH,
Margaret     KEITH,    Merran     KEITH,
Georgenia     KEITH,     Janet     KEITH,
Elizabeth     OAKLEY,     Jane     IRVINE,
Johanna     HARRINGTON,     Alice     TIMBRELL,
Maria     CRONIN,     Bridget     WALSH,
Ellen     DRISCOLL,     Annie     SCOTT,
Jane     SCOTT,     Kate     KELLY,
Jane     KENNY,     Sarah     WILSON,
Caroline    ROCHELL,     Rosa     HARPER,
Bessie     RALPH,     Mary     RALPH,
Margaret     PARK,     M.J.     PORT,
P.    FETTSILL,     M.    OAKLEY,
P. Mary     TIERNEY,

To Miss Bessie SMITH, Miss Harriet BRADSHAW, Miss Bella CRANSTON, and the other single girls signing the above address. 

I have to thank you all for the kind token of your sincere regard to me as captain of the ship Arthurstone, which conveyed you safely to these shores, and can assure you that I feel your kindness and gratitude very much indeed, and this   expression of your satisfaction gives me very  great pleasure. 

It pleases me to know that in doing my duty  as captain in command of an emigrant vessel 

I have met with such a substantial recognition as I have received from you, and I sincerely trust that you may all enjoy good health and prosperity in this your adopted country. Again thanking you,

I remain,

Yours faithfully,

James Hughes, 

Brisbane, August 4, 1879.

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