Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Times were tough

And so was the judge

From London Evening Post (London, England)
March 21, 1752 - March 24, 1752; Issue 3811.
Last Saturday Night at Twelve o'Clock the Assizes ended at Maidstone for
the County of Kent, when the sixteen following Criminals receiv'd Sentence
of Death, viz. John GRACE for the Murder of his Wife; William SAWYER,
Thomas DEVEIL, and Abraham MULLINER, for robbing James HASTRICK on the
Highway, near Rochester, of four Guineas, and after murdering him, they imagined
he knew them; John HOBBS for robbing Francis TAYLOR on Blackheath of a
Silver Watch, etc. Christopher REILEY for robbing Michael LADE, Esq; on the
Highway, between Boughton and Canterbury, of a Hat and a Bay Gelding; John
KEATING and James NESBIT, alias BERRY, for divers Robberies on the Highway;
John PELLING and Dennis DOYLE for Horse stealing; John WARNER for
Sheep-stealing; Thomas STURT for stealing in the Dwelling-house of John COMER in
Woolwich twelve Thirty-six Shilling Pieces, two Guineas, and a Silver Cup;
John HOCKLISH, alias HOGSFLESH, for Burglary; James HUDNELL for privately
stealing from William PENFOLD a Silver Watch, etc., Thomas BAILEY for
Burglary; and Elizabeth SPARKS for stripping and robbing Sarah KIDDER on the
Highway, in Company with Sarah MEREDITH, who was convicted at the last Assizes
for the same Fact, and was executed.

Henry PARSONS the younger, and George TOWNSEND, were tried for the Murder
of Mary HALL, Spinster, near Deal, and were both acquitted.

Thanks to Michael COOMBER for sharing this.

If you do the crime

From London Evening Post (London, England)
March 21, 1752 - March 24, 1752; Issue 3811.
Last Friday the Assizes ended at Bury for the County of Suffolk, when John
OSBORN, Jun. for breaking into the Warehouse of Abraham DAKING, and
stealing Thirty Shillings in Half-pence, and about Thirty Shillings in Silver;
John WOOD, alias NEWMAN, for Horse-stealing, and Thomas FRIDGETT, alias
WHITE-EYES, a notorious Smuggler, charged with shooting John MILLS, who
belonged to Capt. MARTIN, Commander of a Sloop in the Service of the
Customs, in the Year 1742, were all three capitally Convicted, but the Judge was
pleased to reprieve John OSBORN, and ordered the two last for Execution.
Thomas HINES, for breaking open the Shop of Abraham CHURCHMAN, of
Woodbridge, and stealing a brown bob Wigg; Nicholas CHRISTIAN for stealing a
Parcel of Hair prepared for Perukes, the Property of Benjamin KING of Ipswich;
and Susan WOODS, for stealing a Silver Spoon, six Pewter Plates and other
Things, the Property of Anthony LIST of Stoneham Aspol, were found guilty
and ordered for Transportation.

Thanks to Michael COOMBER for sharing this.