Missing Persons

Genealogists Lost and Found
(or, in this case mostly lost)
By Greg Davis

It is surprising where information regarding genealogy springs from. My research recently had me looking through an old newspaper called ‘The North Queensland Register’ which was first published as the ‘Northern Mining Register’ in Charters Towers on March 4th 1891. Publication continued until July 1905 and all copies except 1894 are held at the National Library on microfilm, call number mfm NX247. When reading old newspapers I find it very easy to be distracted by articles that tend to be mildly interesting but occasionally turn out to be of some importance. In this instance I happened upon a column titled 'Missing Friends' which appears to have been published on the last Wednesday of the month. The following are extracts from the publication for two editions in October and November of 1892. The second date at the top of each section is the date on which the section first appeared in Lloyd’s London Weekly Newspaper. The reader was invited to write to the editor of Lloyd’s who has the address of the person who inserted the query.

 The North Queensland Register Wednesday,  Dec 28 1892.

OCTOBER 16, 1892.


BISHOP, Charles, formerly of East Ferryroad, Poplar, left the South West India Docks in May, 1875, intending to go to 91 Great Bourke-street, Melbourne, but is believed to have landed at Wellington, N.Z. his only sister Jennie seeks him. (Parents are dead.)

BLACKBURN, Thomas, seeks news of his nephews and nieces, children of James Peacock, Blackburn, butcher, of Barnads Castle, county Durham, who went to Melbourne, Australia, thirty-five years ago.

Caldwell, John Charles Gerald, went to Melbourne, 1882; last heard of at Langridge-street, Collingwood, about 1886-7. His mother seeks him.

CHANDLER, James Alfred, was in Wellington, N.Z. in July, 1890, but left there for New South Wales and was last heard of from Mackay in 1890. His mother and brother Joe seek him.

CHARD, John, went to Australia in 1852; last heard of from Parkes, Australia , in 1879. His sister Louisa seeks him.

CLARK, Aaron, last wrote home on 21st February, 1877, from Auckland, New Zealand. He was at that time mate on board a schooner trading between Poverty Bay and Auckland. His parents long for some tidings of him.

COMER, Alfred, was last known to be living at Blumberg Villa, near Ipswich, Queensland, Australia. His mother grieves for him.

CRAGG, William, who formerly kept the British Hotel, was last heard of keeping a tailor’s shop opposite some steam saw-mills Tasmania. Brother James would be grateful for news.

CROSSWELLER, Jane, nee Rowe, went to Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand, in 1847. Her sister Julia has had no tidings of her since 1884.

DOBSON, Mrs Caroline, nee Day, has not been heard of since December 1890, when her address was :- Care of Mrs Moore, Little Park street, Melbourne, Australia. Her brother George and sister Charlotte would be very thankful for some news.

DOVIAN, Michael, left England as cook on on board the Star of India, 10th August, 1861, and is supposed to have gone to Otago, New Zealand. His brother Patrick wishes for some tidings.

FIELD, George and Thomas, are sought by their sister Jane. George was a gold digger in California, and last wrote home in 186?, when thinking of returning to England. Thomas was in the Sappers and Miners, and when last heard of from was working at the Cascade Brewery, Tasmania; believed since to have gone up country and started as a sheep farmer.

FORBES or DALGLIESH, Eliza and James, believed to be in Australia, but have not been heard of for twenty years. Sister M. A. inquires.

FOTHERGILL, William, went to Australia in 1854 from East Hartlepool, and has not been heard of since. Sister Ann seeks news.

GENTRY, William, of Goldhanger, Essex, last heard of about fifteen years ago, was then on the Old Swan River, Western Australia; believed to be in a navy station. Brother Fred inquires.

GOLDSMITH, George, went from Portsmouth to Tasmania forty-two years since. Last wrote from Gippsland. His brother Edward is anxious for news.

GRIFFIN, Martin, left Westgate, Rotherham, thirty-seven years ago for Freemantle, Western Australia. Sister Bridget would like to hear from him.

HASLEMORE, Frederick, of London went, to Queensland five years ago. His widowed mother longs for tidings of him. (Father died nine months ago).

M’GREGOR, Alexander Robert, last heard of eight or nine years ago, then in London Fire Brigade. His sister Edie seeks him. She also seeks her mother, Elizabeth M’Gregor, whom she last heard of five years ago in Cooktown, Australia.

READER, Henry, went to Brisbane thirty years ago; last seen there twenty years ago. His sister seeks him.

SHELCOTT, Joshua, was last heard of by his sister at the Strangers’ Rest, Bute-road, Cardiff, and thought of going to Australia. She would also like to hear from her cousin, Mr G. Shelcott, who in 1881 was at Gawler, Adelaide, S.A.

The North Queensland Register Wednesday,   Jan 25 1893.

NOVEMBER 20, 1892.

ANSLOW, Mr., went to New Zealand about fourteen years ago, and when last heard from a few months after was ill, and going over to Australia. His son wishes him to answer.

BEALE, William, left Brighton for Port Adelaide, Australia, about forty-seven years ago; last heard from nineteen years since, when in a soap factory at Adelaide. His brothers and sisters would be glad of news.

BROWN, Samuel, who was born 7th September, 1862, was last heard of, April 1887, at Bundaberg, Queensland. Relatives at Ealing seek him.

CROSS, William Moody, reached Sydney in the John Elder on 23th February, 1884, and was last heard of a year later when trying to join the police force there. His mother asks.

DIGGINS, Frederick, was last heard of at Redfern, Sydney, in October, 1889 when working at the G.P.O. his brothers and sisters are very anxious for tidings of him.

DON, Arthur, left England fifteen years ago for Melbourne, and last wrote home in December, 1888, when working as a carpenter. He is earnestly requested to communicate with his anxious mother.

EDMONDSON, William, of Enniskillen, Ireland, went to Australia some years back. His sister-in law Margaret would be glad to hear from him.

FARR, John, left England in 1874, and last heard of from Port Augusta in 1887. His mother inquires.

GILLARD, James, a native of Stickelpath, Devonshire, last write home on 31st October 1855, when he gave his address as Post Office, Melbourne, having just returned from the diggings. Friends in Exeter would be glad to hear from him.

GITTINS, John, was last heard of ten years ago at Perth, Western Australia. His sister seeks him.

GOODMAN, Arthur, left Kensal Town about nine years ago for Australia, and was last heard of from Sydney. His aunt seeks him.

HARRIS, Johnson, left Camborne, Cornwall eighteen or twenty years ago, and was last heard of in Auckland N.Z. his sister inquires.

HENNALL, Harriet, left London for Belfast in May, 1892, and Belfast for Melbourne. Her sister inquires.

HURFORD, William and George, left Wales in February, 1883, for Rockhampton, Queensland. Their widowed mother longs for news.

JACOMB, Fred, was last heard of  at Hobart Tasmania, in November, 1891. Sister Kate wishes to trace him.

JENNINGS, Jabez, sailed in the ship Allora, from Plymouth in 1883, bound for Australia, In 1888 he was at Marfield Station, N.S.W. but is since supposed to have gone to Cobar. His father is dead. Mother and sister long for news.

JOSEPH, Herbert Stanley, left his home in July, 1888 for Auckland, N.Z., and from there went to Melbourne. His mother is anxious for news.

KELLAWAY, David A., seaman, last wrote to his brother William, in 1866, from Adelaide, Australia; was then thinking of settling in the colonies.

KENDRICK, Mrs. John or family; last heard of on the 14th March, 1882, then living at Henry street, Windsor, Melbourne, Australia. Her father and mother are very anxious to hear news of of her.

KERMEREC, Lewis and Jane, were last heard of in Balmain, 1890. Their mother seeks them.

KING, William Henry, a native of Maidstone, sailed on the 6th January, 1846, from Gravesend for Port Adelaide; in 1849 he married a Miss Walkley, of Vere Hampton, near Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, and took a public-house at Nag Hill, but gave that up on account of his wife’s illness. He then went to the bush and worked as a shepherd, then to the gold diggings; but when last heard of was again at Port Adelaide, engaged in unloading ships. Sister Emily is anxious to know his whereabouts.

KING, Richard, son of Frederick King, of New South Wales, last wrote home from Australia ten years ago. His sister Sarah wishes to hear from him.

KINNEAR, David, tailor, left Arbroath, Scotland in 1839, leaving behind his mother, sister Jane, and two brothers, Francis and Patrick. He is now in his 74th year, and would very much like to hear from some of his relatives.

LAKEMAN, Arthur Preston, who was last heard of at Ballarat, Victoria, in April, 1892. His brother seeks him.

LANCHEN, Mrs. A. A., nee Annie Elizabeth Shorlar, left England on the 12th October, 1884, for Sydney N.S.W. brother William seeks tidings of her.

DUNN, James, sailed in the Equator bound for Brisbane, Australia, on 29th June, 1886, from Millwall Docks. He last wrote home in July, 1888, from Cumberland. His brother-in-law, Peter Karn, wants to find him.

M’CARTHY, Jeremiah, stowed away in the s.s. Astrachan on Wednesday, 13th April, 1881, and is supposed to have gone to Australia. His sister Joana seeks news of him.

M’CABE, George, born in Doarnes-lane, Harrington-street, Liverpool, left his home in Clayton-street, Liverpool, and went to New South Wales about fifty-two years ago. When he last wrote home was cashkeeper for David Moses, tailer and outfitter, of Sydney; but is since believed to have been working on the railway. Sister Ann would be grateful for any news.

M’CAKE, Ellen, or Ward, left England in October, 1888, for Quoensland, and last wrote home about a year since. Friends are very anxious.

M’LEOD, William, sailed from London December, 1854, in the Westminster, bound for Wellington, New Zealand; last heard of in Canterbury, January, 1858, but was then going to Sydney, en route to Horne. His stepson would like to hear from him or his sister, who went to Wellington in 1859.

MANN, John, was last heard of about midsummer, 1891, at Dagworth station, near Winton, Northern Queensland. His mother is dead. Brother William seeks him.

MARSHALL, Robert, left England in the ship Marion on 19th October, 1851, and arrived in Australia, 29th February, 1852; supposed since to have made his way to Port Adelaide. He is entreated to write to his sisters Sarah and Elizabeth.

MUNDAY, James Aaron, late of Battersea, sailed in the Flying Cloud from East India Docks bound for Brisbane on 5th October, 1862. When he last wrote home in June, 1863, was at the Temperance Hotel, Rockhampton. His mothers would be grateful for any news.

PAGE, William Arthur Frederick, left his home in Bridgewater-square, London, and sailed in the Arundel Castle, January, 1876, bound for Port Adelaide, Australia. His brother Herbert longs for news and inquires from Paris.

RISDON, Mrs Fred, was last heard of by mother in February, 1886, then residing at Seagull Cottage, Taranaki-place, Wellington, N.Z.

SAMSON, Joseph, of Taunton, went to Australia about thirty-five years ago. A niece seeks his whereabouts.

SAXTON, Joseph, was last addressed Port Macquarie, New South Wales. Relatives at Spalding ask for news.

SCOBLE, Thomas, went to Australia on 9th June, 1888, and last wrote home from Lancefield, Victoria, Australia in 1891. His brother Jack inquires.

SEXTON, Laurence, seeks tidings of his brothers James and Fred and sister Hannah Sexton. James left Cork for New Zealand in 1876. Hannah went to Australia in 1877, and brother Fred followed in 1879. They have not been heard of for some years.

SLOCOMBE, William, of Langley Marsh, Wiveliscombe, Somerset, went to Australia between fifty and sixty years ago. His nephew, John Giles, seeks him.

WILKINS, William Charles, last heard of from Sydney in the harbour dredgers, left the barque Runnymead at Hobart about eight years ago. His parents ask.

When you read through them you find some interesting pieces. There is one entry for two brothers, George and Thomas FIELD. Towards the end of the entry it says Thomas was in the Sappers and Miners, and when last heard of from was working at the Cascade Brewery, Tasmania; believed since to have gone up country and started as a sheep farmer. Was ‘up country’ in Tasmania or further afield? Another entry for William SLOCOMBE of Langley Marsh who went to Australia between fifty and sixty years ago. Long time no hear. Some of the entries give dates of departure and the ship they sailed on and the port to which they sailed. The entry that caught my eye was one for William and George HURFORD. In Queensland the names HURFORD, SAINT, WARRINGTON, RADFORD and McDOUGALL are mostly all related, and my mother’s maiden name was McDOUGALL. When these columns appeared in the newspaper they were headed ‘Missing Friends’ and I wonder if they are still missing or have since been found by a diligent genealogist.

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  1. Wonderful stuff! I love notices like these. It would be interesting to check whether any of them are also in 'Missing Friends' or 'Persons Inquired For' notices in Police Gazettes.