Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Intestate Estates


(Townsville Star, August 16.)

Before His Honor Mr Acting-Justice Paul


Mr C. S. Norris, local Deputy Curator of Intestate Estates, petitions for power to administer the personal estates of the undermentioned persons. Orders to administer were granted as prayed.

Margaret Barber, late of Croydon, widow.

John Kenny, late of Rolingbrooke, near Mackay, horse breaker.

William Cassian, late of Cairns, carpenter.

William C. Guun, late of Harveys Creek, school teacher.

Theodore Boll, late of Cairns, laborer.

George Napier, late of Richmond, laborer.

George Daley, late of Cairns, miner.

FrederickWilliam Jarvis, late of Woolgar, miner.

William Hawley, late of Hughenden, laborer.

James Hamilton, late of Nelson, near Cairns, carpenter.

Michael Walsh Shanahan, late of Tamata Station, Mamba River, New Guinea, Government Agent.

August Heinrich Boldt, late of Tableland, near Cooktown, miner.

Robert Coates, late of Mount Romeo, near Cooktown, tin miner.

Patrick Henry, late of Thornborough, miner.

James Vigravas, late of Bowen, laborer.

Carl Oscar Freedolf, otherwise known, as Alexander Davis, late of Normanton, seaman.

John Proctor, late of Bakerville, miner.

Joseph Ramsden, late of Hampden, miner and bush carpenter.

John Black, late of Normanton, miner.

John Black, late of Hane Creek, near Mackay, blacksmith.

Margaret Murtagh, late of Charters Towers, domestic servant.

Daniel Savage, late of Charters Towers, miner.

In the following cases administration in the lands and goods were granted to Mr

C. S. Norris, Local Deputy Curator in Intestacy:-

James Scott, late of Georgetown, miner, commission agent.

NORTHERN SUPREME COURT. (1899, August 21). The North Queensland Register (Townsville, Qld. : 1892 - 1905), p. 61.

Monday, August 13, 2012


Found Drowned. 

Shortly after noon yesterday the Water Police recovered from the river, near Birt's Wharf, South Brisbane, the body of an elderly woman which was subsequently identified as that of Elizabeth Blake, or Batten, who resided in the Valley. The deceased was 58 or 59 years of age. Her proper name was Elizabeth Batten, but she had been known for years as Elizabeth Black. Henry Blake, a labourer, with whom the deceased was stated to have lived since 1892, told the police that he had last seen the the deceased alive on Thursday at the Prince of Wales Hotel. She had just come out of gaol that morning. About three weeks ago she told him that "she had a good mind to do away with herself." That was the only time she had made such a threat. The deceased was a native of Wardsley, Staffordshire, England. Her husband is said to be in North Queensland, and she is understood to have two of a family, but their whereabouts are unknown. A post-mortem examination was held by Dr. A. H. Roe, who certified that death was due to asphyxia by drowning.

The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933), 1916, May 23, p. 6.

This link shows photographs of where Elizabeth was interred in Toowong Cemetery