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Unclaimed Money

To Claim Money and Property during. 1912.
(To the Editor.)

Sir, Scattered throughout Australia and New Zealand there are thousands of families who are entitled to funds in Chancery, monies and properties, the existence of which they have no knowledge. Many of these are the descendants of people who emigrated to Australia, and New Zealand in the early days and lost all touch with their relations and kindred. Some of the latter amassed money in the land of their birth, whilst others emigrated to Canada and the United States, and died there intestate, leaving substantial fortunes. Every year a large number of advertisements appear in Australian, New Zealand and British newspapers inserted by solicitors, trustees executors and by order of the Court of Chancery, in respect of beneficiaries, next-of-kin, etc., sought for to claim money and property, who, or whose descendants or representatives are supposed to be resident in Australia or New Zealand, and a selection from the principal of these advertisements which have appeared during the year 1912, may interest, and be of possible benefit to your large circle of readers : —

Michael Ahern, son of Martin; the heirs of Catherine Baillie, nee Charles; James and Mary Bain, children of James, Thomas Barnabas Baldwin, otherwise Paton or Maos; Edward Bashford, formerly of Wanganui, late of N.S.W. ; John Wilson Beattie, arrived Australia about 1886; William, Margaret and John Bell, who emigrated from Ireland to Australia; James, William and John Bird, left Essex for Australia 1828-1887 ; Blivet family from the north of France; George Kenny Brown, Maria Brown, late Charters Towers, or representatives; Thomas Burgess late of Dunedin ; the next of - kin of Eliza Campbell, daughter of Peter; James Carlyle, late of Queensland ; Mary Jane Carlyon, daughter of John; Edward Carroll, son of Richard; William Chandler, son of W. B. Chandler, of Suffolk; Herbert Clapham, in N.Z. 1887 ; Emma Clegg, who married a Mr Mills, or Milne; Clarke William, late of Sittingbourne, Kent; Elizabeth Collier, at Dunedin 1863; Eliza Elvina Fanny Well Collings; Richard Collings, left England for Australia 1862; the heirs of James Collison, native of Aberdeen; John Condon, last heard of in Queensland; Thomas and Henrietta Connolly, nee Martin, married, in 1860, or descendants; Hichard Blake , Connolly ; the next of kin of Margaret Connors, late of Sydney, spinster, deceased ; James Creedon, formerly of Co. Cork; Miss Crosskill, daughter of Walter Crosskill; the next of kin of Stewart William Crozier, late of North Melbourne, deceased, intestate; Stephen Cunningham, a tailor; Marie Anne Eugenie Cuvet, born St. Brieuc, France, 1853; the heirs of Samson and Ann Reeves Davis, nee Rawbone; the next of kin of Eliza Delany, nee Campbell ; Margaret Donoghue, of Co. Cork, hat heard of in Dunedin ; Edward Allen Elliott; Harry A. Elsworth, last   heard of in Brisbane ; Henrietta Emett (sister of Henry), who married and emigrated to Australia about 1854 or representatives; Maria Ann Harriett Evans, nee Stafford, or next of kin; the nephews and nieces or their, descendants of Isaac Feldheim, late of   London, deceased; the next of kin of Kate and Mary Foley, sister of Michael, late of Dublin, deceased, and the next  of kin of the said Michael Foley; John   Foley, son of Michael, of N.S.W.; Theo Lindsay Freeman ; Owen Gallivan or Galvin, who emigrated from Ireland to N.Z. ; the next of kin of Andrew and Norah Gallivan or Galvin, formerly of Co. Kerry ; the representatives of Charles and Thomas Powell Gough, who emigrated to Australia in 1853; Caroline Amelia Grant, formerly of Tarnagulla, Victoria, or representatives; the wife and children of William Franks Gray; Charles George Greenwood, born 1859, or his next of kin; John Griffin, formerly of Dunedin; Francis Charles Griffin, in Melbourne 1885; or representatives; John Harding, son of Alfred ; James Harris, left England for Australia 1869; Sarah Harrison, nee Meredith; Martin Hassett, son of Patrick ; Charles Fawell Bath Hayes, late of Sydney; Albert Calvin Hayes; Sophia Hislop, arrived Australia about 1877; John Hogan, husband of Sarah; Robert Collins Hol?an; Richie Huggins, of Co. Cork; Catherine Hughes, nee McFadden ; Sarah Jane Huelett, late of Queensland; Janet and Elizabeth Hunter; William Limbert Hutchinson, born Ayr, Scotland, 1818, or next of kin; each son and daughter and granddaughter and brother and sister of Edward Ingle, formerly of Colsterworth, England, and each son and daughter and each granddaughter and each brother and sister of Eleanor Ingle, nee Butterfield; James Swanton Waugh Ingliss; David Johnston, in Melbourne, 1911; Aubrey, John, Daniel and William Jones, sons of William Jones, of Dowlaes, Wales; the next of kin of George Jones, late of Victoria, deceased; Mark Keenan, last heard of in Melbonrne, or children; William George Kenny, late of Darraville; William King, son of Elizabeth, late of N.Z., or representatives; May Elizabeth Knight; James Lane brother of Joseph and, Ellen; Digby Henry Lawrell, at Taranaki. 1885; Halford Barnard Lawrell ; Nicholson Lee, a schoolmaster; Richard Moore Lillington, born 1819, or representatives; Robert Littleshales to claim £1000 within 7 years, or legacy will lapse; William Loveridge (son of Richard) last heard of as being in an asylum in Australia in 1854 or representatives; John Lupton son of William; Thomas Barnett Marshall; William Marshall, late of Queensland; Benjamin Mathhias, formerly of Swansea; Jane Mort, or Maute, nee Parr; Patrick McCarthy, formerly of limerick ; McClaskey Catherine and Maria, daughters of John and Ann; McDonough Patrick, son of John; McLean, William John; McNeill James, late Baldatha, N.Z. ;   McFhail Donald, fomerly a jockey in Durban; Mee Francis William, formerly of Brighton, England; Middlemiss, James Joseph; Mills or Milnes, Emma, nee Clegg; Moore James Henry, otherwise Harry Gill; the next of kin of Denis Naughton, late of   Bentleigh; Neilson, Mrs Emma Augusta; Harold Edward Newman; George Neek, left Basset Letcombe for Australia 1862; the next of kin of John Norris, fomerly of Co. Tyrone; Sarah Noris; Alice O'Brien, late of Yarraville; Jane Parr, born 1811, married at Wigan 1835 (relatives of) Robert Parr, son of William ; Edgar James Pettman ; Tom Piddell, formerly of Cardiff; Alfred Robert Preece; Thomas Preston, formerly of Walney Auguste or Joseph Quermar or Quemard or heirs; Denis and Margaret Quinan; Register Mrs, formerly of Trales late N.Z. ; Alexander Richardson late of Adelaide; the representatives of William Roberts, son of William and Ann; Francis, Eugenie and Jeanne Marie Roue; Thomas James Harris Salter; the children of David Sang; Jeanne Maria Saulier, nee Roue; Eliza Elvina Fanny Wells Scarlett; the representatives of William Sturt Scott; Charles Edward, Frederick Richard and Victor Murray Sewell, of South Australia; Charles Sheffield, in Geelong, about 1886; Jane Shields, at Waranga 1889; Benjamin Shoesmith in West Australia, 1897; Annie and Jessie Louisa Shoter ; the relatives of William Sidders, deceased; Anne Jane Spear, emigrated from Co. Down to Australia about 20 years ago; Mrs Joseph Smith, last heard of at Townsville, or children; Alice Sully, formerly Wilcox, who emigrated to Australia and assumed the surname of Clarke; James Tagg, formerly of Reading, Berks, brewer; William Taylor, son of John and Ann ; William   Bell Topping last heard of at Wagga; George John Torrens, son of Elizabeth ; Jonathon Ernest Edward Turner ; John Wall, late of Suva; Sarah White, daughter of George; Frederick Wilson, formerly of Mosman, Sydney; Leslie Wilson ; Arthur Winsor, left England for Sydney 1876; John Wolstenholme, born Rishton 1812, in Australia 1857, or representatives, Younghusband Frank, late of Henderson.

Notice appeared in the Townsville Daily Bulletin on the 25th of December, 1912.