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On Tuesday, 27 December 1870, Agnes KAY (02739) died Queensland Australia when she was only 343 days old
Her father was Thomas KAY, who comes from Lancashire, and her mother was Margaret BOOCOCK who was baptised on the 4th of May 1836 in Wakefield, Yorkshire
and she had one brother and 7 sisters

I would be interested in hearing from any researchers who know this family

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


In the Queenslander, Brisbane, dated 23 December, 1893.

Missing Friends, &c.

If my husband, Henry MORCOM, does not answer this advertisement in two months, I intend to get married. S. MORCOM.

I wonder if this is the Susan MORCOM who married Henry BRUCE on the 7th of September in 1907.

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On this day in 1851 Mary Ann PACKER was married to John ROSSITER
Mary died Friday, 18 August 1911 at Qld.
and we don't know who her parents were

Also on this day in 1855 James NUTLEY was married to Rachel REASY
James died Sunday, 14 November 1909 at Harrisville, Qld.
and was buried Harrisville Cemetery
His father was William NUTLEY and His mother was Hannah CANINS

Also on this day in 1861 Mary Ann ROSSITER died Qld.
Her father was John ROSSITER and Her mother was Mary Ann PACKER

Also on this day in 1873 Henry RAYNBIRD was married to Margaret JAMIESON
Henry died Tuesday, 5 November 1878 at Brisbane
and was buried Toowong Cemetery
His father was Thomas RAYNBIRD and His mother was Edna PECK

Also on this day in 1882 John Patience SMITH died Brisbane and He was buried South Brisbane Cemetery  Portion 11B  Number 85  Saturday, 9  December 1882
His father was George SMITH and His mother was Lydia JEWELL
John married Jane JAMES on Monday, 25 May 1840 at St. John`s, Parramatta, NSw

Also on this day in 1888 David BIRCH was married to Isabella McLEAVY
David died Sunday, 26 February 1922 at Cairns, Qld.
and was buried Martyn Street Cemetery, Cairns
His father was Thomas BIRCH and His mother was Isabella McINTOSH

Also on this day in 1889 John Henry BUCKENHAM died Qld.
His father was George Stephen BUCKENHAM and His mother was Ellen Matilda  (Emma) ADSETT

Also on this day in 1891 Ada Jane DUCKETT died Qld.
Her father was Hazekiah DUCKETT and Her mother was Mary CHILD
Ada married Thomas Patrick HALPIN on Tuesday, 20 November 1877 at Qld.

Also on this day in 1897 Marion Henrietta Elizabeth HUNTER was married to Edward Thorpe AMOS
Marion died Thursday, 10 December 1914 at Qld.
Her father was Robert HUNTER and Her mother was Marion BUSS

If you should recognise any of these people, please write to me with any details that you might want to share

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On this day in 1845 Elijah HORTON was married to Sarah SHELTON
Elijah died 22 July 1895 at Qld.
and was buried Engelsburg Methodist Pioneer Cemetery
Kalbar, Boonah Shire, Queensland
and his parents were William HORTON  &  ------------------

If you should recognise this person, please write to me with any details that you might want to share

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Missing Persons

Here are some people I have found in missing persons notices in the 'North Queensland Register'. you can look down the left hand side of this blog for an item named 'Pages' under which you will find a link to these missing people.

Alternatively you can click Missing People.

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Genealogy Magazine Pricing

I was in the newsagents to-day and had a look at the genealogy magazines. Mostly I can't help myself and nearly always buy one. To-day I bought the Australian Family Tree Connections magazine.

While I was there I had a look at the others and one that caught my eye was 'Family Tree' which is published in the UK. Now I am not picking on this one in particular because I'm sure all the other overseas publications are just as bad when it comes to pricing here in Australia.

The price of this magazine in the UK is £4.60 and here in Queensland in Australia they want $15.95

On to-days exchange rate £4.60 = $7.47822 in Australia
or $15.95 = £9.811132

Either way you look at it, it is bloody expensive. And our dollar is doing so well, because us Australians know how to manage the budget. And this Australian has a budget that doesn't extend to paying such ludicrous prices.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Poor Solicitor

In a court in Cairns on Tuesday the 3rd of July in 1951 -

Mr. Bennett remarked that both his clients had "beautiful new cars" in which it was difficult to judge the speed. He added: "These are modern new cars - not like mine. Your Worship. I can not afford one of these - I am only a solicitor."

One of those clients was a Vivian HEDGELONG who was charged with speeding, ie. 40.9 miles an hour in a 30 miles per hour speed zone. 

Monday, November 15, 2010

Mary Jane BAINES

The following is the contents of a note written by a researcher on ancestry and sent to me in a email.

It discusses a person by the name of Mary Jane BAINES who married one Aldred TRUNDLE on the 6th May in 1875 in Brisbane after Aldred's first wife Mary Jane (nee SMITH) died on the 15th of October in 1872.

I know that she was born in Achill, Co. Mayo, Ireland in about 1849. Her father was Mathias and her mother was Jane (aka Elizabeth) McDowell. Her siblings were Thomas (?-1907 d. in qld), Lucy (abt. 1852-1936 d. in qld), Margaret Anne (abt. 1855-1943 d. in qld) and Mathias (1857-1944). They were all born in Achill. I cannot for the life of me find a death certificate for Mary Jane, as she may have remarried after Aldred Trundle. From the sounds of it he was quite a handful and was charged with several stealing crimes so perhaps they got divorced?

To-date no one has been able to find anything about the second Mary Jane (nee BAINES) after her marriage to Aldred TRUNDLE. They apparently did not have any children and neither her death nor any subsequent marriage has been found.

Aldred TRUNDLE died on the 28th of March in 1911 at Dunwich which is a small community on North Stradbroke Island in Moreton Bay.

Should anyone recognise any of the people in this blog or wish to know anything else about any of these people, please write to me.


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legal redux: Herche’s Blog Disclaimer

legal redux: Herche’s Blog Disclaimer
This disclaimer is worth reading. It was written by someone with a bit of a flair for getting the word across.

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CHAPPEL Andrew b 3-Dec-184818 Illogan, Cornwall, Eng; par  Andrew Gilbert and Mary (nee WEDLAKE).

There is death recorded in the index of Andrew CHAPPEL 7/2/1878  78/2378  to John CHAPPEL  and  Mary  -------.
Depending on who gave the information on his death, the fathers name may have been wrong if only by mistake.

CHAPPEL Andrew Gilbert b 24-May-181518 Illogan, Cornwall; par  John and Mary (nee GILBERT); arr Brisbane 4-Sep-1862 per Chatsworth  having sailed from Liverpool on Saturday 5-Apr-1862; occ miner; res Oxley West, Qld.; m 5-Sep-1837c Illogan, Cornwall, Eng sp Mary WEDLAKE (c1817 -  ), 1st child and 1st daughter of  John WEDLAKE and Ann (nee WITTON), ch Joseph d 13-Feb-1864, Ellen d 12-Nov-1917 (m  REICH), John, Susan Ann d 3-Dec-1913 (m  ADSETT), Mary Jane b 22-Jan-1839 d 1-Dec-1843, Mary b 9-Mar-1845 (m  KNEEN), Andrew b 3-Dec-1848, Samuel b 13-May-1855, Emily b 29-Oct-1857 d 20-Sep-1880 (m  DAVIS); d 7-Feb-1878c Oxley West, Qld, 62 years  9 months old buried Toowong Cemetery Por 17, Sec 8, #14 on 9 - Feb - 1878.

It would appear that neither of his parents came to Australia.

CHAPPEL Ann b 20-Nov-180818 Cornwall; par  John and Mary (nee GILBERT).

It would appear that neither of her parents came to Australia.

CHAPPEL Christian b 17-Jul-181318 Illogan, Cornwall; par  John and Mary (nee GILBERT).

It would appear that neither of his parents came to Australia.

CHAPPEL Christian Gilbert b 26-May-181718 Illogan, Cornwall; par  John and Mary (nee GILBERT).

It would appear that neither of his parents came to Australia.

CHAPPEL Ellen b Illogan, Cornwall, Eng  bap 8-Nov-1846; par  Andrew Gilbert and Mary (nee WEDLAKE); arr Brisbane 4-Sep-1862 per Chatsworth  having sailed from Liverpool on Saturday 5-Apr-1862; res Hardgrove Rd  West End, Brisbane 1913; m 3-Feb-1866c Brisbane sp Charles REICH (c1836 - 1918), only child of Frank REICH and Harriet (nee REISS), ch Emma b 1-Mar-1867 d 25-Nov-1949, Mary b 23-Jun-1868, Frederick William b 14-Jan-1870 d 21-Jul-1945, Edith Matilda b 7-Jun-1872 d 25-Nov-1873, Martha b 21-Jun-1874 (m  HOWGEGO), Louisa Amelia b 27-Oct-1875 d 1-Jul-1947 (m  ECCLES), Alice Isabella b 4-Nov-1877 (m  STEVENS), John Alexander b 1-Sep-1879 d 23-Mar-1911, Ellen b 22-May-1881 (m  SHAW), Beatrice Salliva b 5-Feb-1886 (m  LYNGKUIST), Margaret b 8-Oct-1887, Rubena Catherine b 4-Mar-1891 (m  GREEN); d 12-Nov-19178 Brisbane.

In the 1913 electoral roll her name was given as Ellen Flora REICH.

CHAPPEL Emily b 29-Oct-1857c Redruth, Cornwall, England; par  Andrew Gilbert and Mary (nee WEDLAKE); arr Brisbane 4-Sep-1862 per Chatsworth  having sailed from Liverpool on Saturday 5-Apr-1862; res Redruth Cornwall, Brisbane, Charters Towers, Hodgkinson Goldfield; m 16-Jun-1874c St. Phillip`s Church, Millchester, Charters Towers, Qld. sp Edward Alfred DAVIS (   - 1894), 3rd child and 3rd son of  John DAVIS and Mary Ann (nee SPILLING), ch Alfred Joseph Spelling b 26-Sep-1875 d 23-Nov-1942, George Edward b 12-Jul-1877 d 9-Jun-1957, John Edwin William b 19-Aug-1879 d 31-May-1927; d 20-Sep-1880c Glen - Mowbray, Hodgkinson Goldfield, Qld., 22 years  11 months old buried Thornborough, Qld on 21 - Sep - 1880 and the Cause of Death was fever.

Emily married Edward Alfred in 1874 and died in 1880. Her youngest child, John Edwin William was only about one year old at the time. George Edward was about three years old and Alfred Joseph Spelling was about five years old. Emily had a fever for four days prior to her death.

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BROWN, Thomas Durham;    m.MORGAN, Rose DURHAM, Annie;   b.27/Dec/1893 Qld. DURHAM, Daisey;   b.6/Sep/1899 Qld.,   d.26/Sep/1899 DURHAM, David James;   b.22/Dec/1888 Qld. DURHAM, James;   b.29/May/1892 Qld. DURHAM, Jannet Daisey May;   b.17/May/1901 Qld. DURHAM, John Henry;   b.16/Aug/1896 Qld. DURHAM, Joseph John Alexander;   b.17/Feb/1890 Qld. DURHAM, Mary Jane;   b.1/Sep/1884 Qld.,   d.7/Jul/1895 DURHAM, Mary Jane;   b.16/Apr/1898 Qld.,   d.27/Sep/1898 DURHAM, Peter Alexander;   b.16/Apr/1898 Qld. DURHAM, Thomas Patrick;   b.31/Jul/1883 Qld.,   d.23/Jul/1960 ,    m.SHERIDAN, Blanche DURHAM, William Henry;   b.30/Apr/1887 Qld.,   m.STRANDQUIST, Elsie MORGAN, James;   b.16/May/1870 Qld. MORGAN, Mary Jane; ,   d.11/Mar/1882 MORGAN, Patrick;    m. MURNIN, Mary MORGAN, Patrick;   b.19/Mar/1864 Qld. MORGAN, Rose Ann;   b.6/Jul/1859 Qld.,   m.BROWN, Thomas MORGAN, Thomas;   b.28/Mar/1872 Qld. MURNIN, Mary;    m. MORGAN, Patrick SHERIDAN, Blanche Maria;   b.26/May/1891 Qld.,   m.DURHAM, Thomas STRANDQUIST, Elsie May;   b.14/Oct/1892 Brisbane, Qld.,   m.DURHAM, William   A letter from a cousin tells me  that Thomas Durham BROWN dropped the name BROWN and then only used  DURHAM as the surname. The parents of the five MORGAN children were  Patrick MORGAN and Mary (MURNIN, FARLEY, FARRELLY). I haven't been able  to find the deaths of either of the MORGAN parents. All of these events  occurred in Queensland except for the marriage of Patrick and Mary and  the birth of Mary Jane MORGAN. Given that Rose Ann was born in 1859 the  MORGAN family must have arrived prior to that. If you can help, please write to me.

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A small problem. When going back over old correspondence I found an inconsistency.

I have a Frances Jane McDOUGALL born c1861 (I think NSW) and married to Henry Alfred FIELD 15/5/1890 in Brisbane and died 24/12/1909 in Brisbane when her parents were recorded in the Qld BDM index as Daniel John McDOUGALL and Esther HENDLE.
Henry Alfred FIELD may have died 15/10/1911 in Qld.

I also have Frances Jane McDOUGALL (who is a niece of the previous Frances Jane) born 26/3/1899 and married Reginald Leonard JOHNS 6/4/1939 and is the daughter of Henry Robert McDOUGALL and Sophia Hurford SAINT.

Now here is a paragraph taken from a letter I received from a fourth cousin living in Bundaberg in 1999.
"The Frances Jane McDOUGALL married to Henry Alfred FIELD belongs to Henry Robert. I was able to see the family bible. The only problem is that her sister who is still living here says she was married to Len JOHNS. I have found her marriage to Henry FIELD but not to Len JOHNS. Daniel John's eldest son Francis James born 1861 in Sydney."

These are some of the possible things that I think may have happened. I believe that the writer of the letter did see the family bible, but it may be possible that she mistook which family it belonged to. The sister still living would be at least 72 years old, and we all know how time seems to change the way we remember things. If anyone can tell me anything about any of these people I would be most pleased to communicate with them. Please send an email.

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GGGG Grandmother Mary PILES

Mary Pile [sic] was popularly known as "the female highwayman" when she was tried by the first Middlesex Jury before Mr. Baron Eyre, the session beginning on the 6th April 1785. At a previous trial in January 1783 she had been fined one shilling and sentenced to one year in the House of Correction, Clerkenwell, for the theft of clothing at the Plow Inn from a waggoner and servant girl. This time she stood accused of stealing 29s. 6d. which belonged to one Abraham Abbott in a dwelling house owned by William Webb at five o'clock in the night of the 22nd January 1785. She was found guilty of stealing but not of burglary and sentenced to seven years transportation. Mary Piles was sent to the Lady Penrhyn on 6th January 1787 where she was recorded as being 20 years old. She married Ottiwell Hindle (qv) on the 14th September 1788 in St. Phillips church, Sydney where she signed her own name and then on the 5th July 1789 a son John by John Chew (qv) a marine private was baptised. On the 4th March 1790 Mary, her husband Otawel Ingle (Hindle) and their son were all sent to Norfolk Island by Sirus where she lived on an allotment belonging to Ottiwell Hindle at Phillipsburg. They all left Norfolk Island by Atlantic on 21st September 1792. Mary Piles was recorded as living with William Browning (qv) in 1806 at Seven Hills to whom she had borne a son Francis who was baptised on the 27th July 1794. She was later described as the wife of William Edwards in 1822 and 1825 living in the Liverpool district.

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Do you recognise anyone

  Does anyone recognise any of the people in this family group?
  John STEVENS and his wife Frances BARRATT and eight of their children arrived in Brisbane in 1884. I am trying to find out why William Robert DICKSON is buried with Andrew CHAPPEL in Toowong cemetery. If anyone recognises any of these people I would be most pleased to hear from them.

  BARRATT, Frances; b.c1848   non Australian birth, m.STEVENS, John
  CHRISTENSEN, Hans Peter;  m.STEVENS, Clara
  DICKSON, William Robert; , d.1922 , m.STEVENS, Ileene
  EVANS, Charlotte Jane;  m.STEVENS, Aubery
  HOLZHEIMER, Leonore Wilhelmine;  m.STEVENS, Amos
  NIELSEN, Sine;  m.STEVENS, Augustus
  STEVENS, Ada; b.c1873   non Australian birth
  STEVENS, Amos Paul; b.1890 Qld., m.HOLZHEIMER, Leonore
  STEVENS, Aubery Arscott; b.c1864   non Australian birth, m.EVANS, Charlotte
  STEVENS, Augustus; b.c1866   non Australian birth, m.NIELSEN, Sine
  STEVENS, Clara Ann Barrett; b.c1871   non Australian birth, m.CHRISTENSEN, Hans
  STEVENS, Doreen Nolan; b.1909 Qld.
  STEVENS, Ella Theresa; b.c1867   non Australian birth, d.1886 
  STEVENS, Enos; b.c1862   non Australian birth
  STEVENS, Francis; b.c1877   non Australian birth
  STEVENS, Ileene Phyllis; b.1888 Qld., m.DICKSON, William
  STEVENS, John; b.c1846   non Australian birth, m.BARRATT, Frances
  STEVENS, Laban Frederick; b.c1883   non Australian birth, d.1884 

Dorothy HEISER

Do you have any unusual names in your genealogy? When Dorothy was born in 1895 in Queensland, she was given the name Dorothy Ivy Struck Oil HEISER. My guess is that her parents were excited about something. She was the eighth child and the fourth daughter to Samuel Heiser and Rosetta (nee ABRAHAMS). If you are researching this family I would love to hear from you.

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This is my new genealogy blog site where I plan to place questions and answers about members of the family I am researching. I hope you enjoy and get some value from my blog.