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On this day in 1851 Mary Ann PACKER was married to John ROSSITER
Mary died Friday, 18 August 1911 at Qld.
and we don't know who her parents were

Also on this day in 1855 James NUTLEY was married to Rachel REASY
James died Sunday, 14 November 1909 at Harrisville, Qld.
and was buried Harrisville Cemetery
His father was William NUTLEY and His mother was Hannah CANINS

Also on this day in 1861 Mary Ann ROSSITER died Qld.
Her father was John ROSSITER and Her mother was Mary Ann PACKER

Also on this day in 1873 Henry RAYNBIRD was married to Margaret JAMIESON
Henry died Tuesday, 5 November 1878 at Brisbane
and was buried Toowong Cemetery
His father was Thomas RAYNBIRD and His mother was Edna PECK

Also on this day in 1882 John Patience SMITH died Brisbane and He was buried South Brisbane Cemetery  Portion 11B  Number 85  Saturday, 9  December 1882
His father was George SMITH and His mother was Lydia JEWELL
John married Jane JAMES on Monday, 25 May 1840 at St. John`s, Parramatta, NSw

Also on this day in 1888 David BIRCH was married to Isabella McLEAVY
David died Sunday, 26 February 1922 at Cairns, Qld.
and was buried Martyn Street Cemetery, Cairns
His father was Thomas BIRCH and His mother was Isabella McINTOSH

Also on this day in 1889 John Henry BUCKENHAM died Qld.
His father was George Stephen BUCKENHAM and His mother was Ellen Matilda  (Emma) ADSETT

Also on this day in 1891 Ada Jane DUCKETT died Qld.
Her father was Hazekiah DUCKETT and Her mother was Mary CHILD
Ada married Thomas Patrick HALPIN on Tuesday, 20 November 1877 at Qld.

Also on this day in 1897 Marion Henrietta Elizabeth HUNTER was married to Edward Thorpe AMOS
Marion died Thursday, 10 December 1914 at Qld.
Her father was Robert HUNTER and Her mother was Marion BUSS

If you should recognise any of these people, please write to me with any details that you might want to share

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