Friday, March 25, 2011


Given that the name of a small town in South-East Queensland is Blackbutt makes this notice of marriage an unusual coincidence.

BLACK-BUTT - On August 30th, at Saint Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Ann street, Charles Black, second son of Mrs. Black, New Farm, and the late Lleut.- Colonel Black, to Edythe Mary Butt, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Butt, Ipswich-road.

The Brisbane Courier 2/9/1930

Monday, March 21, 2011

Dorothy Ivy Struck Oil HEISER

News reaches me to-day from a member of the HEISER family who reliably informs me on how Dorothy was endowed with her unusual name.

I am informed that Dorothy was the first white child born in a small town called Struck Oil, which is approximately seven kilometres north east of Mt Morgan in Queensland.

In the original post about Dorothy I thought her parents were a bit excited about something, which I'm sure they were.