Tuesday, March 21, 2017


A RATHER novel case cropped up at the
Central Police Court, Sydney. Henry Davis,
21, a carpenter, was charged by Emily Davis,
22, with having assaulted her. The prosecutrix was in appearance a mere girl, and she gave evidence with some diffidence. When asked by Mr. Abbott, S.M., whether she stood in any relationship to the accused, she replied," If you please, your worship, I'm his grandmother." "His what?" exclaimed the bench."His grandmother, sir," was the reply. This somewhat startling statement was subsequently explained by the fact that Mrs. Davis recently married the defendant's grandfather, who is aged 74. The charge was eventually with drawn.
Intercolonial News. (1887, November 19). The Week (Brisbane, Qld. : 1876 - 1934), p. 29. TROVE

Thursday, January 19, 2017


Miss Elizabeth Armstrong, 71 years old, an eccentric recluse, died recently in a sanatorium, in West Springfield, Massachusetts, U. S. A., where she was taken alter being found in her, home at the point of starvation. She objected so firmly to being removed that it was necessary to cholroform her. Prior to removal to the sanatorium she had not been outside her dooryard in 25 years. In her home were found 3500 dollars in small bills, a large quantity of provisions which she had hoarded, and hundreds of skeletons of cats, dogs, mice, and other animals.
Her estate is valued at 50,000 dollars. She left no blood relations.
END OF A STARVED RECLUSE. (1912, June 24). Warwick Examiner and Times (Qld. : 1867 - 1919), p. 3. TROVE