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Grammar School Scholarships.

THE annual examinations of candidates for grammar school scholarships in this colony took place on the 15th and 16th December last, when 103 boys and 30 girls presented themselves. The candidates eligible for these examinations are State school children who have not attained the age of 14 years. The examinations were held at the various local centres, under the supervision of responsible officers of the department or other specially selected persons. The regulations provide that the scholarships shall not exceed 120 in number; of these ninety are available for boys, and thirty for girls. The scholarships are tenable during good behaviour and the pleasure of Parliament for a period of three years. The successful candidates may elect to attend any grammar school in the colony recognised as such by the Legislature.
The following is a list of the successful candidates for the scholarships, in the order of merit :—
1. James Llewellyn Jones, Brisbane Central.
2. Leonard Brown, Brisbane Central.
3. Thomas P. Power, Brisbane Central.
4. George Ernest Dennis, Petrie-terrace.
5. Edwin James Came, South Brisbane.
6. Leland E. Challands, East Maryborough.
7. Edward C. M'Collim, Brisbane Central.
8. Edwin R. Aland, Toowoomba South.
9. Walter C. Popple, East Ipswich.
10. Osmund Agar, Brisbane Central.
11. John Alex. Mank, Toowoomba North.
12. Wyndham G. F. King, Brisbane Central.
13. Hamill Geo. Sargent, Zillman's Waterholes.
14. Hugh MD. Russell, Brisbane Central.
15. Stanley R. Kenyon, Toowoomba South.
16. Ernest M. Smith, Brisbane Central.
17. Jne. Wm. Crawford Hunter, Brisbane Central.
18. John James Doran, Brisbane Central.
19. Wm. Parkinson, East Ipswich.
20. Geo. B. Ride—ay, Albert, Maryborough.
21. Robert F. Way, Toowoomba South.
22. Joseph Shillinglaw, Gympie Central.
23. Robt H. Munro, Gehane.
24. Wm. Jno. Best, Fortitude Valley.
25. Alex. Worley, East Ipswich.
26. John Prooan, Toowoomba North.
27. Charles Drew, Ipswich Reserve.
28. Isaac Robinson, Leichhardt-street
29. John S. Birge, Warwick West
30. Alex. J. Elliott, Ipswich North.
31. George Clem, Pine Mountain.
32. Wm. Jos. Anthony, Brisbane Central.
33. Wm. M. Brown, East Ipswich.
34. Robert James Hardgrave, Woolloongabba.
35. James H K. Manwaring, Petrie-terrace.
36. Joseph August Krause, South Brisbane.
37. J. W. Berrett, Ipswich North.
38. George A. Ferguson, Fortitude Valley.
1. Mary F. Canny, Warwick West.
2. Caroline A. Naylor, Surat
3. Annie C. Campbell, Brisbane Central.
4. Minnie Rose, Drayton.
5. Violet H. Scott, Kangaroo Point
6. Amelia Clark, Drayton.
7. Florence J. Cole, Leichhardt-street.
8. Mary A. C. Ewing, Kelvin Grove-road.

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