Wednesday, May 26, 2010

GGGG Grandmother Mary PILES

Mary Pile [sic] was popularly known as "the female highwayman" when she was tried by the first Middlesex Jury before Mr. Baron Eyre, the session beginning on the 6th April 1785. At a previous trial in January 1783 she had been fined one shilling and sentenced to one year in the House of Correction, Clerkenwell, for the theft of clothing at the Plow Inn from a waggoner and servant girl. This time she stood accused of stealing 29s. 6d. which belonged to one Abraham Abbott in a dwelling house owned by William Webb at five o'clock in the night of the 22nd January 1785. She was found guilty of stealing but not of burglary and sentenced to seven years transportation. Mary Piles was sent to the Lady Penrhyn on 6th January 1787 where she was recorded as being 20 years old. She married Ottiwell Hindle (qv) on the 14th September 1788 in St. Phillips church, Sydney where she signed her own name and then on the 5th July 1789 a son John by John Chew (qv) a marine private was baptised. On the 4th March 1790 Mary, her husband Otawel Ingle (Hindle) and their son were all sent to Norfolk Island by Sirus where she lived on an allotment belonging to Ottiwell Hindle at Phillipsburg. They all left Norfolk Island by Atlantic on 21st September 1792. Mary Piles was recorded as living with William Browning (qv) in 1806 at Seven Hills to whom she had borne a son Francis who was baptised on the 27th July 1794. She was later described as the wife of William Edwards in 1822 and 1825 living in the Liverpool district.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Do you recognise anyone

  Does anyone recognise any of the people in this family group?
  John STEVENS and his wife Frances BARRATT and eight of their children arrived in Brisbane in 1884. I am trying to find out why William Robert DICKSON is buried with Andrew CHAPPEL in Toowong cemetery. If anyone recognises any of these people I would be most pleased to hear from them.

  BARRATT, Frances; b.c1848   non Australian birth, m.STEVENS, John
  CHRISTENSEN, Hans Peter;  m.STEVENS, Clara
  DICKSON, William Robert; , d.1922 , m.STEVENS, Ileene
  EVANS, Charlotte Jane;  m.STEVENS, Aubery
  HOLZHEIMER, Leonore Wilhelmine;  m.STEVENS, Amos
  NIELSEN, Sine;  m.STEVENS, Augustus
  STEVENS, Ada; b.c1873   non Australian birth
  STEVENS, Amos Paul; b.1890 Qld., m.HOLZHEIMER, Leonore
  STEVENS, Aubery Arscott; b.c1864   non Australian birth, m.EVANS, Charlotte
  STEVENS, Augustus; b.c1866   non Australian birth, m.NIELSEN, Sine
  STEVENS, Clara Ann Barrett; b.c1871   non Australian birth, m.CHRISTENSEN, Hans
  STEVENS, Doreen Nolan; b.1909 Qld.
  STEVENS, Ella Theresa; b.c1867   non Australian birth, d.1886 
  STEVENS, Enos; b.c1862   non Australian birth
  STEVENS, Francis; b.c1877   non Australian birth
  STEVENS, Ileene Phyllis; b.1888 Qld., m.DICKSON, William
  STEVENS, John; b.c1846   non Australian birth, m.BARRATT, Frances
  STEVENS, Laban Frederick; b.c1883   non Australian birth, d.1884 

Dorothy HEISER

Do you have any unusual names in your genealogy? When Dorothy was born in 1895 in Queensland, she was given the name Dorothy Ivy Struck Oil HEISER. My guess is that her parents were excited about something. She was the eighth child and the fourth daughter to Samuel Heiser and Rosetta (nee ABRAHAMS). If you are researching this family I would love to hear from you.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

This is my new genealogy blog site where I plan to place questions and answers about members of the family I am researching. I hope you enjoy and get some value from my blog.