Thursday, June 10, 2010


BROWN, Thomas Durham;    m.MORGAN, Rose DURHAM, Annie;   b.27/Dec/1893 Qld. DURHAM, Daisey;   b.6/Sep/1899 Qld.,   d.26/Sep/1899 DURHAM, David James;   b.22/Dec/1888 Qld. DURHAM, James;   b.29/May/1892 Qld. DURHAM, Jannet Daisey May;   b.17/May/1901 Qld. DURHAM, John Henry;   b.16/Aug/1896 Qld. DURHAM, Joseph John Alexander;   b.17/Feb/1890 Qld. DURHAM, Mary Jane;   b.1/Sep/1884 Qld.,   d.7/Jul/1895 DURHAM, Mary Jane;   b.16/Apr/1898 Qld.,   d.27/Sep/1898 DURHAM, Peter Alexander;   b.16/Apr/1898 Qld. DURHAM, Thomas Patrick;   b.31/Jul/1883 Qld.,   d.23/Jul/1960 ,    m.SHERIDAN, Blanche DURHAM, William Henry;   b.30/Apr/1887 Qld.,   m.STRANDQUIST, Elsie MORGAN, James;   b.16/May/1870 Qld. MORGAN, Mary Jane; ,   d.11/Mar/1882 MORGAN, Patrick;    m. MURNIN, Mary MORGAN, Patrick;   b.19/Mar/1864 Qld. MORGAN, Rose Ann;   b.6/Jul/1859 Qld.,   m.BROWN, Thomas MORGAN, Thomas;   b.28/Mar/1872 Qld. MURNIN, Mary;    m. MORGAN, Patrick SHERIDAN, Blanche Maria;   b.26/May/1891 Qld.,   m.DURHAM, Thomas STRANDQUIST, Elsie May;   b.14/Oct/1892 Brisbane, Qld.,   m.DURHAM, William   A letter from a cousin tells me  that Thomas Durham BROWN dropped the name BROWN and then only used  DURHAM as the surname. The parents of the five MORGAN children were  Patrick MORGAN and Mary (MURNIN, FARLEY, FARRELLY). I haven't been able  to find the deaths of either of the MORGAN parents. All of these events  occurred in Queensland except for the marriage of Patrick and Mary and  the birth of Mary Jane MORGAN. Given that Rose Ann was born in 1859 the  MORGAN family must have arrived prior to that. If you can help, please write to me.

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