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The following is a list of the passengers by the Orient Company's steamer Ormuz which will leave Sydney at noon to-day for London, via ports:- Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Drysdale, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Conran, Mr. E. Conran, Rev. P. O'Reilly, Rev. P. I. Baugh, Mrs. Blackman, Mrs. Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. Windsor and child, Mrs. Arthur Feez, Miss Feez, Mr. and Mrs. B. Waterhouse, Mr. H. T. Ivey, Mr. Francis, J. Doddimeade, Mr. H. C. Clift, Mr. Pharzyn, Mr. R. A. Moxon, Mr. H. J. Ulph, Mr. Balthasar, Mrs. Barnes, Miss Barnes, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Schaltz, Mr. W. Craven, Miss Craven. Mr. J. Allison, Mrs. L. M. Foster, Mr. R. R. Pilkington, Mr. G. M. Royle, Mr. Royle, jun., Mr. and Mrs. Leroux, child, and maid, Mr. J. L. Reid, Mrs. Gillett, Mr. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. M'Coll, Rev. H. J. Campbell, Mr. Frank Creed, Mr. Sidney Creed, Mr. K. G. Hearne, Mr. Hepworth, Mr. and Mrs. King Hedley, Mrs. M'Coll, Mrs. J. C. Hoad, Miss M. Selby-Tucker, Mrs. M'Lellan, Mr. M. A. Stewart, Mrs. L. M'Auslan, Miss Doris M'Auslan, Miss Peggy M'Auslan, Mr. Jenkinson, Mr. E. P. Humphrey, Mrs. Morris and child, Mr. and Mrs. Kentish, Mr. Dawson, Mr. A. D. Lubecki, Mr. W. A. Wignall, Mrs. Marriott, Miss Millie Hills, Mrs. Garner, Mr. G. Weller, Mr. Scobles and party, Mr. and Mrs. Neal, Mr. and Mrs. Hardy, Miss Falder, Mr. and Mrs. S. Heiser and five children, Messrs S. Heiser and M. Heiser, Mr. and Mrs. M. Heiser and child, Mr. T. Kelly.

PASSENGERS BY THE ORMUZ. (1905, February 11). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 12. TROVE


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