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Births Deaths and Marriages 1840 to 1845

Found in the Colonial Magazine and Commercial Maritime Journal
by Trish in Nowra




Page 274 -

CORDEAUX, William, Esq, late Deputy Assist-Commissary General to the forces,
on 7th Aug, at Leppington, New South Wales.

Page 412 -

FISHER, Thomas, Esq, at Cambridge, New South Wales.

GRIFFIN, Mrs B.P., on 3rd September, at Elizabeth-street, South Sydney, New
South Wales

PAMLEY, W. Esq, son of, at Sydney, New South Wales.

Page 537 -

CLARK, Mr William, of the Bank of Australasia, wife, of a daughter, on the
30th Sept, at Sydney.

CORMACK, Mrs, of a daughter, on the 6th Oct, at Sydney, New South Wales.

HECTOR, Mrs Thomas, of a son, on the 9th Oct, at Cumberland Place, Sydney,
New South Wales.

MENZIES, Robert, Esq, lady, of a daughter, on the 29th Sept, at Minnamurra,

MANSFIELD, Rev. R., wife, of a son, on the 6th Oct, at Sydney.

SALAMON, Mr Edward, merchant, to Henrietta, second daughter of Mr Solomon
LEVIEN, at Sydney, New South Wales.

TAYLOR, Thomas Joseph, to Emma SILVESTER, on the 14th September, at St
Phillip's Church, Sydney, New South Wales.

WILTON, Rev. Charles, P.N. M.A., to Charlotte Albinia, eldest daughter of
Major B. SULLIVAN, J.P., on the 10th Oct, at Christ Church, Newcastle, New
South Wales.

EVERUDEN, Thomas, Esq, J.P, on 23rd Sept, at Bathurst.

HOSTLER, Mr Frederick, infant daughter of, on 23rd September, at Parramatta,
New South Wales.

RUSSELL, Mr S, infant daughter of, on 1st Oct, at Sydney, New South Wales.



Page 254:

BURROWS, Mr Nathan, of Muscle Brook, to Miss TUCKWELL, on Dec 21st, at

RUCKER, Mr John, of the firm of Messrs John Wilson, Son and Co, to
Elizabeth, third daughter of Mr Joshua HOLT, on Dec 31st, at Sydney.

Page 507:

BEST, Hon. J.C., Capt, H.M.'s 50th Regiment and youngest son of Lord
WYNFORD, on the 13th February, at Norfolk Island, by the upsetting of a


Page 114:

CHESSAR, Capt, late - of the "Mary Ridgway", on February 17th, at Port

VOLUME 4 - No listings.


Page 120:

A'BECKETT, A, Esq, lady, of a daughter, on the 23rd July, at Sydney.

A'BECKETT, W. Esq, lady, of a son, on the 1st May, at the Grange, Newtown

CAVANAGH, G. Esq, of a daughter, on the 13th April, at Melbourne.

HALLEN, A. Esq, lady, of a daughter lately, at Rushcutters' Bay.

LABIILIERE, C.E. Esq, lady, of a son, on the 5th Oct, at Melbourne.

LUNDIE, C. Esq, Civil Engineer, lady, of a son, on the 9th July, at Surrey

MAJORIBANKS, Mrs E, of a son, on the 21st Aug, at Sydney.

McCUTCHEON, J. Esq, lady, of a daughter, on the 5th Oct, at Sydney.

RYDER, T.U. Esq, lady, of a son, on the 15th July, at Sydney.

WARDELL, Lieut, 28th Regt, lady, of a daughter, on the 18th Sept, at

WELLER, Mrs G., of a son, on the 21st May, at the Glebe, Sydney.

BARTON, J. Esq, son of the late Lieut-General C. BARTON, to Emily Maria,
eldest daughter of Major DARVALL, formerly of the 9th Drags, on the 30th
July, at Sydney.

BAYLEY, N.P., Esq, of Mudgee, to Ellen, third daughter of the late Rev C.
DICKENSON, on the 28th May, at Parramatta.

CAMPBELL, D. Esq, to Catherine Ann, daughter of J.T. GOODSIR, Esq, Deputy
Assistant Commissary-General, on the 14th May, at Sydney.

CARNEGIE, Esa, of Edinburgh, to Elizabeth Mary, only daughter of W. HART Esq
of Sydney, on the 18th March, at Sydney.

CHESTER, E. son of the late Rev M. CHESTER, of the Hon. Merchant Tailors'
School, Great Crosby, Lancashire, to Sarah Ann, youngest daughter of the
late Lt. T. LOVELESS, R.N., Her Majesty's Ship "Asia", on the 16th July, at

COMER, E. Esq, of Mittagoag (sic), to Eliza, only daughter of J. EDROP, of
Sydney, on the 30th July, at Parramatta.

GREEN, F.O.S. Esq, to Isabella, second daughter of Quartermaster COULSON,
late of H.M. 3rd Regiment, on the 27th April, at Maitland.

GROSE, J.A. Esq, to Miss Elizabeth SLATER, on the 30th May, at Sydney.

HOGG, F.M. Esq, of Calcutta, to Ann Geraldine, third daughter of G.H.
GIBBONS, Esq, of Sydney, on the 2nd March, at Sydney.

HOUSTON, W. of Oahua Bay, Coromandel Harbour, New Zealand, to Elizabeth,
daughter of the late J. BUCHANNAN, Esq, of Paisley, lately, at Sydney.

KATER, H.H. Esq, to Eliza Charlotte, second daughter of Major DARVALL,
formerly of the 9th Drags, at Sydney.

MURRAY, S.H. Esq, 50th Regiment, second son of the late Hon. L.G.K. MURRAY,
and grandson of John, fourth Earl of Dunmore, to Susan, second daughter of
H.C. SEMPILL Esq, of Baltrees, on the 16th September, at Sydney.

PERKINS, J. Esq, merchant, Launceston, to Em. Frances, daughter of W.
WATCHORN, merchant, Hobart Town, on the 23rd April, at Maitland.

RICHARD, H.A. to Dorothea, daughter of John EARL Esq, of Patrick's Plains,
lately, at Maitland.

RODD, R.A. Esq, of Tremayne, Wollombi, to Amelia, second daughter of S.
MARSHALL, Esq, R.N. on the 30th June, at Rosebrook.

SOMERSET, H.C.C. eldest son of the Rt. Hon and Rev. Lord W.G.H. SOMERSET,
and nephew to Henry, fifth Duke of Beaufort, to Elizabeth Alice, only
daughter of His Excellency Major-Gen Sir M. O'CONNELL, K.C.H., on the 10th
Sept, at Sydney.

SPARK, A.B. Esq, to Frances Maria, relict of the late H.W. RADFORD, Esa.
Surgeon, H.M. 62nd Regiment, on the 27th April at Cook's River.

THORNTON, G.A. Esq, to Mary Ann, second daughter of J. SOLOMON, of Sydney,
on the 4th Aug, at Sydney.

CHAMBERS, Mary, daughter of David CHAMBERS, Esq, lately of Magherafelt,
county Londonderry, Ireland, on the 28th April, at Leitrim, near Sydney.

COCHRANE, James Esq, surgeon, on the 29th April, at East Maitland.

COBB, John, Esq, aged 37, on the 7th April, at Anambah, Hunter's River.

GIBSON, Andrew, Esq, J.P., on the 22nd Sept, at Terranna, near Goulburn.

GRANT, Dr James, in his 52d year, on the 19th April, at Agar Cottage,

GIBBON, Mary, wife of Mr Gerald GIBBON, of Sydney, in her 50th year, on the
24th May, at Sydney. Mrs GIBBON was very nearly related to the O'CONNELL
family. Her mother, the late Mrs SUGHRUE, and the father of Sir Maurice O'CONNELL,
were brother and sister.

JOLLY, Mr Alex, surgeon: drowned on the 29th March while bathing in Geelong

LOWE, Lieut, R.N. lately at Liverpool Plains.

McCRAE, Margaret, widow of Wm Gordon McCRAE, Esq, on the 26th March, at Port

MULFORD, H.W. Esq, merchant, late of Belfast, lately, at Sydney.

ROACH, the lady of John Esq, on the 15th April, at Port Philip.

STAPYLTON, G.W.C. Esq, of the surveyor-general's department. He was
murdered by the blacks, lately, near Moreton Bay.

SOUTH, John Bere, Esq, aged 25, on the 25th March, at Sydney.

WELLER, Eliza, wife of George WELLER, Esq, aged 84, on the 1st June, at the
Glebe, Sydney.

WILLSHIRE, James, Esq, aged 70, on the 9th Sept, at Sydney.


Page 126 -

ECKFORD, Dr - lady, of a son, on the 4th Feb, at Liverpool, New South Wales.

GORE, T, Esq - lady, of a daughter, on the 21st Feb, at Sydney.

GRANT, Capt A. (late of the 61st Regt) - lady, of a son, on the 23rd Feb, at
Walscoart Lodge, Balmain, New South Wales.

GRAY, C.G., Esq - lady, of a son, on the 14th Feb, at Huntington, Port

MARR, A. to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr Angus ALLISON, late of the
Royal Exchange, Glasgow, on the 18th Feb, at the Royal Exchange, Sydney, by
the Rev. Dr. Lang.

Page 253 -

BETTS, Mrs John, of a daughter, at her residence, at the Sydney Glebe, on 13

BRETON, Mrs Le, of a son, on 23rd March, at Woolloomoolloo Sydney.

BRUCE, Mrs, of a son, on the 25th Feb, at her residence, Castlereagh-street,

GORE, R.C., Esq, lady, of a daughter, on the 17th Jan, at Sydney.

GRANT, John, Esq, M.D., lady, of a son, on the 24th March, Pitt-street,

HALL, H., Esq, lady, of twins (two boys) on 8th Jan, at Charnwood,
Queanbeyan, Murray.

SMITH, Mrs John, of a daughter, on 12th Feb, at Birnam Wood, Hunter River.

THOMPSON, John Carvick, Esq, Commercial Bank, to Miss Mary Anne WOOD,
daughter of Mrs MARR, Castlereagh-street, Sydney, on 1st March, by the Rev.
Thomas Steele, at St Peter's Church, Newtown.

BARDS, Mr James - on 21st March, aged 36 years, many years whaling master
from the Port of Sydney, much regretted by all who knew him.

BEERS, Capt - 80th Regiment Military Commandant, on the 28th February, of
apoplexy, at Port Phillip.

DRUITT, Margaret - the wife of Major DRUITT, on 23rd February, at Mount
Druitt, Sydney.

FLEMING, Thomas, Esq, aged 42, eldest son of the late Dr FLEMING, Hospital
Staff, and brother to the Rev C.B. FLEMING, of Melbourne, at Kingston.

MACKAY, Captain John - for many years a Commander in the India Service, aged
64, on 9th March, at his residence Balmain, Sydney.

TAYLOR, William, Esq - Admiral of the Red, in the 82nd year of his age, at
Maize-hill, Greenwich.  He was the only surviving officer who accompanied
Captain COOK on his voyage round the world, and was present at his death.

WHITE, Mr James - aged 41 years, on the 20th February, at his residence at
Edinglassie, Hunter River.

Page 389 -

HEYDON, Mrs T - of a son, on the 21st March, at Bloomfield, near Sydney, New
South Wales.

HILL, Capt E.H. - lady, of a daughter, on the 25th March, at Dalswinton,
near Sydney, New South Wales.

NEVISON, Mrs, of a son, on the 5th March, at Cliffdale, near Sydney, New
South Wales.

HODGSON, A. Esq, J.P., of Darling Downs, Moreton Bay, second son of the
Reverend E. HODGSON, Vicar of Richmansworth, Herts, to Eliza, eldest
surviving daughter of Sir James   DOWLING, C.J. of New South Wales, on the
30th March, by the Rt. Rev Dr Broughton, Lord Bishop of Australia, at St
James' Church, Sydney.

ALLEN, J. - Mary, the wife of - on the 10th March, at Port Macquarie, from
being accidentally thrown out of her cabiolet.  The deceased was of the
advanced age of 84 years, 42 of which she had been resident in the colony,
and by her various good qualities had endeared herself to a numerous and
respectable circle of acquaintance.  She was buried at St Thomas' Church, on
the 12th instant, and was followed to the grave by a large assemblage of
friends, who were deeply impressed by the solemnity of the occasion, and
will long lament her untimely fate.

FELTON, M. Esq, Surgeon - Deeply regretted by all who had the pleasure of
his acquaintance, on the 31st March, at his residence, in Hunter-street,

HENDERSON, Kezia Jane - wife of J. HENDERSON, Esq, on the 30th March, at her
residence, Clanville, Cook's River, New South Wales.

WARBURTON, Mrs Ann - widow of the late Rev J. WARBURTON, Rector of Valentia
Island, on the 29th March, at the residence of her son, at Pyrmont, near
Sydney, New South Wales.

WILSON, A.W. Esq - Aged 32 years, on the 30th March, at Sydney.

Page 518 -

LAVEN, J.C. Esq - lady, of a daughter, on the 12th June, at Sydney, New
South Wales.

HARRIS, John jun, of Lower George-street, Sydney, to Catherine Lucy,
daughter of the late Mr William UNDERWOOD, of the Parramatta-road, on the
3rd May, at Sydney.

KEMMIS, Arthur, Esq - on the 7th February, after a short illness, at
Melbourne, Port Phillip.  The deceased was second son of the late Rev.
Thomas KEMMIS, of Brockley Park, in the Queen's County, Ireland, and much
regretted by a numerous circle of friends.


Page 135:

LUGARD, Henry Williamson, Esq, of the Royal Engineers, to Margaret, eldest
daughter of Mrs McHENRY, of Parramatta, on 14th May, at Parramatta.

Page 259:

BENNETT, George, Esq, Surgeon F.L.S. - lady of, a daughter, on 11th July, at

COUTTS, Mrs Thomas, of a daughter, on the 8th July, at Sydney, New South

HUSLTER, William, Esq, High Sheriff - lady of, a son, on 8th July, at
Linthorpe, New South Wales.

JOHNSON, Mrs H.W., of a daughter, on the 8th July, at Sydney.

SALAMON, Mrs Edward, of a daughter, on 21st July, at Sydney.

CANNAN, Kearsey, Esq, Surgeon, of Sydney, to Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Mr
SIDDINS, of South Head, on the 9th July, at St Philip's Church, Sydney, New
South Wales.

DUNCAN, Mr David, to Anna Romana, daughter of John CADE, Esq, of Port
Phillip, late of Ockbrook, Derbyshire, on the 1st June, at Hobart Town.

GRAVELY, Mr Arthur, to Sarah Blanchard, second daughter of the late Mr
Joseph LLOYD, of Norwood, Surrey, on 8th July, at Sydney, New South Wales.

HOLT, Mr John, to Miss Ann PRISTON, on the 8th August, at St Lawrence
Church, Sydney.

LESSLIE, Mr William, late of Dunbar, Scotland, to Hephzibah, youngest
daughter of Mr C. GORDON, of Double Bay, Sydney, on 23rd July, at Sydney.

MACKEY, George, E. Esq, I/P of Warronley, Port Philip, to Miss Fanny DIGHT,
of Richmond, on 1st June, by special licence, at Sydney, New South Wales.

MARSH, Charles W., Esq, to Janetta Maria, youngest daughter of the late
Major McLEOD, of Talisker, on 16th July, at St Peter's Church, Newtown, New
South Wales.

RUSSELL, Frederick Brown, Esq, of Her Majesty's 28th Regiment, to Mary
Elizabeth, third daughter of Sir John JAMISON, Knight, M.C. of Regentville,
on 4th June, by special licence, at Sydney, New South Wales.

WHITELAW, John, Esq, to Eliza, eldest daughter of the late John SIMPSON,
Esq, of Toxteth Park, Liverpool, on 16th July, at Hopewell, New South Wales.

WISE, George Foster, Esq, eldest son of Edward WISE, Esq, of Bembridge, Isle
of Wight, to Frances Lucy, daughter of the late Milbourne MARSH, Esq, of
Jamaica, and niece of the late Sir Francis FORBES, Chief Justice of New
South Wales, on 21st June, at Scone, New South Wales.

YOUNG, Joshua Richmond, Esq, merchant, to Mary, second daughter of the late
Robert SCOTT, Esq, of Turin, Forfarshire, Scotland, on 2nd August, at St
James's Church, Sydney, New South Wales.

GORDON, James, Esq, of Forcett, New South Wales, on 18th August, aged 63
years.  He was for many years a leading public character, although for
several years retired from public life.

GRAHAM, Miss Eliza, second daughter of James GRAHAM, Esq, a resident in the
colony of New South Wales, and Grand-daughter of the late George GRAHAM,
Esq, M.P. and Lord-Lieut. of the County of Kinross, in Scotland, on board
the "Medusa" on her passage from England.

McINTOSH, Mr John, Chief Constable of Goulbourne, on 6th July, at Tourang
Stockade, New South Wales.

MILLER, Mrs Sarah, formerly of Holcombe, Somersetshire, on 26th June, at
Parramatta, aged 36 years.  Her husband and five children have sustained an
incalculable loss.  The deceased was a member of the Wesleyan Methodist
Society for many years, which she first joined in France.  During her
residence in this colony, she showed how Christians ought to live, and her
last great act was to show Christians how to die.  The poor and sick of
Parramatta have lost no ordinary friend.

PEACOCK, Christiana, wife of Mr George PEACOCK, Post Master of Sorell Town,
on the 9th July, at the School House, Sorell Town, New South Wales.

Page 392:

BERRY, Thomas Taylor, late of Manchester, Dec 10, on board the "Champion",
on his passage to Australia.

Page 519:

ELLIS, Mrs Elias, of a daughter, on 8th Sept, at Sydney, New South Wales.

ICELY, Mrs, of a son, on 11th Sept, at Sydney, New South Wales

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