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(The following is a list, taken from Lloyd's London Weekly Newspaper, of persons who left the United Kingdom for Australasia, or were last heard of in these colonies, and who are inquired for by friends in   Great Britain. Answers to inquiries should be sent to the editor of Lloyd's, who has the addresses of the in- quiring friends, and it is requested that in these answers mention should be made of the newspaper through which discoveries are made.)


HOOPER, Joseph, has sent a letter from Queensland (8th November) to Mrs. Hutchins, of Hackney-wick. Mr. Hooper, who saw Lloyd's     inquiry reprinted in the Queenslander, had been last heard of in 1877, having gone to Australia in 1865.

JONES, Hugh, formerly of Anglesea, has been heard of by means of a reprint from Lloyd's of   15th November in the Brisbane Observer. He went to Australia forty-one years back, and,   sending his address through a son-in-law in     Queensland, informs his nephew at Rotherhithe that he is in good health.


[In order to cope with the enourmous number   of letters in hand we have again classified them.     The first alphabetical list consists of inquiries by parents for sons and daughters; then come the inquiries of those who are seeking parents and, finally, letters relating to lost brothers and sisters.]  


ALDHAM, James, was at Bourke, New South Wales, 21st September, 1883, probably going to Queensland before returning to Victoria.

BANKS, Robert, went to Brisbane in the Duke of Buccleuch in March, 1884, and three years ago was living at Beenleigh, near Savage, Brisbane.

COLLINS, Amy, left England for Sydney about six years ago.  

DOLPHIN, Daniel Frederick, last heard of   August, 1889, travelling with a shooting gallery, address P.O. Melbourne. He then thought of   going to Adelaide.

DYER, James, left England for Australia thirty   years ago and last wrote home from an outfitter's     shop, corner of Erskine-street, Sydney.  

EDWARDS, Edward, sailed for Australia August, 1888; last letter February, 1889, Berth Villa, Main-street, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane.  

ELLIMAN, Samuel, of Coleford, Glos., last known to be at Scholsberg, near Melbourne.

FAIRBAIN, Henry John, left Clare-market in   1886 for Australia' last heard of in Sydney, 1887.

FINCH, James, left Walthamstow and sailed for Melbaourne in s.s. Sobraon, 29 September, 1887.  

GEER, William, last wrote from Bourke, New     South Wales in 1886.

JONES, Arthur Edward, last heard of at Molong   eighteen months ago, supposed to have gone to Peak Hill goldfields.

JONES, Robert James sailed for Australia in 1855 and was last heard of at Sandridge, Victoria,   in 1863.

LOGAN, Alfred, sailed for New Zealand in s.s.   Allahabad 1873 ; last wrote from Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand, June, 1877

MANWARING, Henry, last heard of ten years ago from Melbourne; was then working in the wool trade, and thought of going 300 miles up country.

PITCHER, Edward Allen, last heard of at Wairapa, Wellington, New Zealand, four years ago.

PRICE, William Cornelius sailed for Melbourne about 1888 when last heard of barman and groom at Albury Hotel, N.S.W.

RICHARD Albert, in March, 1889, was steward on the Orient line s.s. Lusitania ; was last ad-   dressed Post Office, Sydney. Father is anxious.

ROBERTS, Richard Evan, seaman, native of Aberystwith ; last heard of in the American ship D. C. Murray six years ago, going from Newcastle, N.S.W., to Hongkong.      

WEAVER, George, of the Merchant Service, left  London, 1879, for Port Adelaide. No news since.  

WEBBER, Thomas, left London for Queensland in 1873 ; last wrote home from Brisbane in 1875.

WILLIAMS, John Joseph, left Plymouth in 1874 ; last wrote from Sydney, 1876.

WILSON, Mary Ann, sailed in the s.s. Merkara, and went as servant to her aunt, keeping the Southern Cross Hotel, Charters Towers, Queens- land ; last letter received two years ago, when she was married to a Mr. Connoly.


BAILLIE, Robert, left London for the Australian goldfields in 1850, and was last heard of in 1862 when leaving the gold diggings. His daughter Caroline went out to find him, but had not done so when she last wrote.

GOYMOUR, Thomas, left Little Waldingfield, Suffolk, for Australia forty years since ; last letter from Braidwood, New South Wales.

MOORE, Daniel and Elizabeth, were living near Sydney, N.S.W., when last heard of, 1ST November, 1884.


ALLEN, George, of Bembridge, sailed for Aus- tralia from Southampton in the Nonpariel thirty years ago ; last heard of working as a sawyer in Newtown, Australia.

ARNAL, Emma, of Swancombe, Greenhithe, sailed for New Zealand about eighteen years since. Her husband was a platelayer on the railway. Last address-Wellington, New Zealand.

BROCKWELL, Elizabeth, nee Mooring, left Cam- berwell about eight years ago and went to Brisbane. No news since.

BRUMSBY, George Peter, wheelwright, left Eng- land with his wife (maiden name Gadd), and last wrote from Longford, Tasmania.

CANNON, (or Escer), William, sailed for Aus- tralia, November, 1863; last letter from P.O., Melbourne, in 1870.

CARPENTER, John Wineyard, went to New Zealand in 1851; in 1854-5 was shepherd at Stonehurst station, and in June, 1858, when he last wrote home, was working at Ilam farm, near Racecourse Hill station, for Messrs. Russell and Creke.

DENNY, Cornelius, coachsmith, left London for Australia in 1858 ; when last heard of was build- ing iron churches.  

DONOVAN, Joseph, of Melbourne, left England seven years ago. Sister Ellen and mother ask.

DUNN, Cornelius, was sent to sea from the Catholic school in Reading about forty years ago. He was apprenticed to tho Peninsular Steamship Company.

FISK, David, son of Police-constable Fisk, of Great Yarmouth; last heard of at Victoria, Australia.  

GEE, William, left Bury St. Edmunds about forty years since for Australia.

GORMAN, John, Michael, and Thomas.-John last wrote from Rockhampton, Queensland, fifteen years ago. Michael's last address was Spreckels Ville, Mani, Hawaiian Islands, August, 1882. Thomas was last heard of at 16 Church-street Woonsocket, R.I.  

GREENWOOD, William, cattle-dealer, wrote to his sister Elizabeth, at Bexley-heath, thirteen years ago, from Port Victoria, Melbourne.

HALE, Thomas Vernon, left London in s.s. Cimba ; last letter from Sydney.

HOWE, Henry, was in Sydney in May, 1872. He then sent two sailors to tell his mother he was coming home. His mother is dead, but brother Arthur seeks news.

HUGGETT, Alfred, of Greatness, Kent, went to New Zealand in 1874; last wrote from Adelaide, 1878.  

HURLEY, Joseph, of King's-row, Horsleydown ; last letter dated 6th May, 1866, front Toohumbi, New Zealand.

HUTCHINGS, Charles James, of Northampton, went to Melbourne in May, 1863; afterwards to Ballarat. Sister asks.

JUDGES, Maurice, left England for Brisbane about March, 1884.

LANGDON, William, of Ashburton, Devon, sailed for Australia in barque Ophelia ; last wrote from Sydney six years since, when working as chain man, surveying country; thought of going to San Francisco.

LOMAX, James, went to Australia thirteen years ago; last heard of in 1886 at Bruthen.  

MILLARD, Charles James, of Walcot, Bath, sailed for Australia from London Docks, June, 1865 ; last heard from in Melbourne, 1871.

MUNRO, Ruth and Ebenezer Fraser, left London for Sydney about sixty years since.

MURPHY, Michael, last wrote to Agnes from G.P.O., Melbourne.

PATRICK, Joseph, last wrote to Alice from Indian Creek, Victoria, 1861.

PEAT, William, left West Ham, Essex, for New York about 1833 ; supposed to be in Australia.

PERROTT, Nathan, last wrote from Auckland, New Zealand, 11th December, 1880.

PRICE, Thomas Birch, last hoard of at Waitara, New Plymouth, New Zealand.

RICHARDSON, William, left Burnley, Lanca- shire, for Melbourne about 1847-8; was in New South Wales when he last wrote.

ROBINSON, Huntley, went to Tasmania about forty-five years ago.

ROFF, Thomas Samuel and Charles, with their mother and sister, sailed for New Zealand in 1860.

SHEPHERD, Alfred, last wrote to Emma from Honolulu in 1887 ; then thought of going to Aus- tralia; well known in San Francisco.

THORPE, Abraham, of Victoria-street, Ipswich, has not been heard of since 13th January, 1879 ; supposed to have gone to Sydney.

TILLING, Mary Ann, left England for Queens- land on 29th July, 1884; last known to be in Townsville, Australia.

WAIGHT, Richard, son of Joseph Waight, of Portland, sailed for Adelaide in the ship Peares, and arrived safely in July, 1865 ; last wrote from Pinda, S.A., in 1884.

GOODALL, Sarah, left London in 1887, in the s.s. Ben Lomond, for Melbourne.

MISSING FRIENDS. (1892, April 5). The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933), p. 2. TROVE


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