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Netherby - Passenger List

Saloon Passengers : Mr. W. Townsend, Miss E. Thomas, Miss Isabella and Mary Townsend, Miss E. Stuckbury, Mr. Erwart Cowell, Mr. Alexander Webster, and Mr. H. D. Vincent.

Second Cabin Passengers: Thomas Dupreny, Edwin George and Victor Townsend, G. F. Springett, George Evans, W. M. Young, H. P. Bluett, Edwin and Selina Gill, Thomas Grimes, Carry Grimes, Isaac Grimes, Maria Grimes, J. C. Vicary, W. H. Atteread, Walter Crawford, Herman Hartenstien, John Wall, Mr. and Mrs. Hall.

Intermediate Passengers: James and Eliza Spencer, S. P. Browne, John G. Dickson, Mr. and Mrs. Starke, Ann Starke.

Steerage passengers : John Le Monier, A. E. Bonner, Alfred and Eliza Seymour, Charles and Maria Dunning, James Dunning, Henry E. Baily, William Smith, Thomas Haslett, George Massingham, Edwin Bellgrove, Mr. and Mrs. James Drake, James B. Thompson, Arthur Short, Robert Stanley, Mr. and Mrs. John Austin, William Edwin John and James Austin, Elizabeth Helena and Mary Austin, Sophia Laurence, William Laurence, John Rogers, J. Goldsworthy, Samuel Meager, Mishe Kelly, G. H. Bulpet, Ann Bulpet, George Scand, Alexander Forbes, James Aplin, Mary Aplin, Ann F. and Lucy J. Aplin, Thomas Arkle, Henry Manning, James Yoriton, Rebeeca Yoriton, Henry and Alfred Yoriton, Amelia and Harriett Yoriton, Edward F. Dealty, Charles Parsons, Eliza Parsons, Thomas Parsons, Elizabeth and Lupina Parsons, Patrick Burns, Robert Hall, W. W. Arnold, George and Eliza Snook and infant, R. Sydney, James Reckie, George and Rosina Exton and infant, Thomas Bridges, Edwin Morris, Fanny Morris, Albert E. and Charles Morris, Joseph and Ann Grindall and infant, Mary E. Patmore, James Patmore, Richard Grindall, Sarah Grindall, William, Maria, and Tamar Grindall, Samuel Morris, Stephen Newland, John Pryor, Thomas Martin, Charles Ferris, Richard Drake, Emily Drake, Richard J. and Henry G. Drake, James Rerden, Ellena Rerden, James Phillip and Charles Rerden, Edmund Hogan, Ellen Hogan, Michael and Margaret Hogan, Amelia Smith, Robert Nally, Mary Nally, Ellen Reardon, Thomas Lanfer, Louis Nicolas, Richard Brooke, George Huggins, Eliza Huggins, Barry Carley, Charles Barkins, Fredericka Barkins, Augusta Dora and Win Barkins, James Sinclair, Isabella Moffatt, Lake and Mary Moffatt, John Hanna, Ann Hanna, Edward and Sarah Hanna, Joseph Frost, Jane Roult, Pierce Demois, Selina Condon, B. A. New, Richard Bodle, Ellen Bodle, Joseph Southerwell, A. W. Darlington, Edward Killham, Thomas Pope, William Sherman, David Pinnick, Elizabeth Pinnick, Albert and David Pinnick, Arthur Lea, Elizabeth Lea, William and Alfred Lea, John Adams, Eliza Adams, Mary A. and John B. Adams, William Lingard, Emma Lingard, Thomas Bradshaw, Charles W. Aldis, John Skerman, Maria Skerman, Ann E. and Walter G. Skerman, James Yeates, John Evans, Edward Pinnick, William Ellis, John Ellis, Henry Fox, Sarah Fox, Henry J. and Charles H. Fox, Walter Yeates, Elizabeth Yeates and infant, Georgo Drayton, George   Hart, James Murdoch, A. Huggins, John Robins, John Lobb, Alfred Reay, H. Tink, William Packer, Thos. Turner, James Thornton, Mary Thornton, Emily A. Thornton, William Clempson, Ed. W. Shelford, Michael Henry, Mary Henry, George Fisher, William Ward, Henry Hughes, James Rudge, Frederick Skerman, Alice Skerman and infant, William Skerman, Caroline Skerman and child, John Edwards, Emilia Edwards, George Dart, Wm. Cox, Thos. Northfield, Hope Martin, Maria Martin, James Crocker, Michael Hinigan, Mary Hinigan, Elizabeth, Michael and John Hinigan, Thomas Cornell, Charles Korney, Ernest Barry, John Nash, James Pearse, Henry Dawiton, John Jevon, Charles Cook, Charles Tweansville, William Hussey, George Faul, Joseph Taylor, John Allan, George Wiffley, Miriam Wiffley, Walter and Miriam Wiffley, Barry Groom, Lucy Groom, William, Barry, Lucy and Rose Groom, Thomas H. Robinson, Henry Hardwick, Stephen Creswell, William Thompson, Francis Brown, John Dotson, Edwin Berry,   George Cole, Thomas Jones, Denis O'Connor, Michael O'Connor, John O'Connor, George Evans, Emeline Evans, William Thomas, Alfred R. Barry, A. D. Watkins, Martha Watkins and infant, John Watkins, William Smith, Barry Evans, William Barnett, Ellen Barnett, Mary A. and Wior H. Barnett, Michael Williams, James Burden, Ann Burden, Charles Williams, Julia Williams, Hannah, Ellen, John and Charles Williams, Henry Copping, Mary Copping, Henry Copping, John Moore, Laundors Copping, Edwin Fagan, Alfred   Lee, Robert Jones, Martha Jones, John Shaw,   William Schardon, Mary Schardon, Mary and Margaret Schardon, John Thon, Martha Thon, Thomas and Catherine Thon, Alfred J. Austin, George Pope, Thomas Bowler, William Sherwood, Berry Hirst, James Murphy, Ann Murphy and infant, John Coward, Thomas Ford, Andrew Lea, Mary Lea, David, Margaret and Isabella Lea, John Clark, Elizabeth Clark, Annie, Elizabeth and Dorata Clark, Patrick Clark, John Gill, Mary Gill, Thomas, Patrick and Ellen Gill, John Keys, Martha Fagan, Mary Fagan, James Malona, Margaret Malona, Bernard Clark, Catherine Clark, William Lennon, Daniel McCarthy, Peter Marshall, William Parker, Thomas Johnson, James Armstrong, John Harris, John McFarlane James Kelly, George Hackney, Thomas Newbrook, Mary Newbrook, Samuel Deakin, Ellen Deakin, Ellan and Elizabeth Deakin, William McKenna, Elizabeth McKenna, Malcolm McKenna, Morris Condon, Mary Condon, Alfred, Caroline and Adelaide Condon, Robert Condon, Samuel Harris, William Cumming, Ellen Cumming, William, Alfred and Elizabeth Cumming, John Williams, Daniel Nolan, John Nolan, Edward Ganty, Robert Bailey, Thomas Corkill, Thomas Davis, Ann Davis, William Beckworth, Elizabeth Beckworth, Hannah, Eliza and William Beckworth, James Coulden, Charles Archdeacon, Elizabeth Archdeacon, Charles Archdeacon, making in all 413 souls, equal to 356 statute adults.

THE LOSS OF THE NETHERBY. (1866, August 18). The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933), p. 3 Supplement: Supplement. TROVE

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  1. Charles, Maria and James DUNNING surname was DENNING