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"The Torridge," Hill-street, Wynnum, was the scene of a successful function on Wednesday, when Mrs. A. H. Cory, assisted by the conveners and helpers in connection with the sweet stall for the forthcoming Methodist fete, entertained a large number of visitors. During the afternoon Mesdames Paddock, S. Hargreaves, H. Gunderson, and Miss K. Clarke contributed items, and Mrs. P. M. Benjamin acted as pianist. Those present included Mesdames N. Sherwood, H. Goodman, A. E. Breaden, D. Tagert, Carrington, G. Oliver, J. Layton, D. Moffatt, J. Patterson, S. Hargreaves, H. Gunderson, A. E. Hodges, E. A. Tardent, A. Moores, M. Foggan, T. R. Thurlow, S. S. Hooper, J. Mercer, A. Senden, T. Davidson, S. Crouch, R. S. Hooper, A. Cory, T. Spencoly, J. Leynes, J. M. Fisher, G. Wright, E. Webber, A. Free, J. Macgregor, R. Colledge, G. Wilson, H. Petersen, J. Strickfus, F. Roberts, H. Cory, P. Power, W. Caunt, C. Rickwood, G. Middleton, E. Gambling, R. J. Graham. R. Simpson, W. A. Patterson, C. C. Pickering, G. Child, W. R. Howard, E. Higlet, L. Pickering, A. B. Smythe, J. R. Dugdale, G. A. Cunningham, J. J. Greene, S. Greene, H. C. Croits, K. Paton, J. Barnes, A. H. Paton, L. Johnes, P. M. Benjamin, J. Bowness, C. Stone, R. H. Craig, B. M. Trower, J. M. Larcomb, A. Robinson, M. Carruthers, J. Paton, Misses M. Hooper, J. Waesell, G. Hargreaves, M. Crofts, E. O'Neale, A. Wright, D. Sneyd, E. Petersen, K. Clarke, R. Smythe, E. Andrews.

COIN AFTERNOON AT WYNNUM. (1927, July 15). The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933), p. 22. TROVE


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