Monday, August 06, 2012

Margaret Isabella STOKES

Yesterday a little girl, 4 years of age, daughter of Mr. Robert Stopes, of the Upper Kedron, was accidentally burned to death. It appears that her father was from home working at his daily occupation, and the mother had gone to visit a sick neighbor, leaving the child at home with three others older than herself. There was a good log fire burning in the house, and it is supposed that the child had been playing with it, or had unconsciously got in too close proximity to it, as she was seen to rush out of the house in flames by a boy 10 years of age who was working near the place. The little fellow very bravely ran to her assistance and succeeded in extinguishing the flames, but unfortunately his assistance was too late, as the child died shortly after from the severe burning she had received.

Margaret Isabella STOKES, born 19/7/1874 Brisbane and died 10/6/1879

father Robert STOKES and mother Fanny Elizabeth PRESTON


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