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Light Brigade - 1869


Moreton Bay,
December 13, 1869.

WE, the undersigned passengers of the ship Light Brigade, on the eve of our separation from you, feel that we would have neglected our duty had we allowed ourselves to disperse without acknowledging to you our sense of your uniform courtesy and kindness. To Mrs. Evans we would also (through you) tender the expression of our sincere esteem.

During the passage, we have been convinced you have used your utmost endeavors to render us as happy and comfortable as circumstances would admit, and those of us who brought our grievances under your notice can testify of your promptness to redress them—these, and many other acts of kindness, have made impressions on our minds which time lone can efface. We would request of you to embrace an early opportunity to convey to your officers our grateful sense of their uniform civility.

We would therefore most respectfully beg your acceptance of this address, not that we believe that it can in any way recompense you, but we trust that in future years it may serve to recal to your memory a number of individuals who esteem you highly, and who are delighted to express, as with one voice, their earnest hope and fervent prayer that as it has pleased Him who created the sea and all that therein is, and who holds the winds in the hollow of his hand to prosper you in the past, so also may your future voyages be alike successful; and at the end of life's journey may you anchor in the haven of eternal repose, and rest from your labors on that "peaceful shore where tempests never rage nor billows roar."

M. Samwell, Jessie Cooper, Julia Loveday, Emile Loveday
Clemintina Samwell, Oloff Fehrson, John Dymock, Mrs. Dymock
W. H. Webb, Emily Webb, E. H. Holderness, M. A. Jameson
Thos. Moon, Susan Moon, E. H. Forbes, Sarah Forbes, D. G. Forbes, S. W. Forbes
Alex. Galloway, Mrs. Galloway, B. Cooper, H. Gympie
M. and J. Skean, J. Smithe, Wm. Doyle, Priscilla Doyle
Alfred J. Taylor, John Herlihy, Sarah Herlihy
John Campbell, M. Campbell, Betsy Jones, Edward Jones
Paul Maggs, Sarah Cathrne. Maggs, William Brisbane, Elizabeth Brisbane
Jeremiah Henderson, Anne Henderson, William Robertson, Mary A. Robertson
William Richer, Sarah Richer, Neil McCall, Agnes McCall
James Calderwood, Mrs. Calderwood, James Dodds, Mary Dodds 
Thomas Roberts, Alice Roberts, William Lancaster, Jane lancaster 
William Ebbs, Jeannette Ebbs, Richard Taylor, Anne Taylor
Robert Todd, Ann Todd, John Jones, Isabella Jones 
James Rylands, Anne Rylands, Alex. Poots, Eliza Poots
Patrick Davidson, Christina Davidson, James Johnstone, Martha Johnstone
Thos. Dowd, M. Dowd, E. Bunker, M. Bunker, G. Shewan & family (7)
G. Newton, Fanny Newton, Thos. Kelly, Cath. Kelly
Joseph Dodd, Anne Dodd, Walter Frances, Charlotte Frances
J. Hinch, Margaret Hinch, R. Stubbin, L. Stubbin
Elizabeth Bunker, Robert Dunn, Ann Scot Dunn
John McEwen, R. E. McEwen, George Newton, Robert Bunker
E. Roscoe, Eliza Barker (matron), Sarah E. Prangley
Matilda Ann Ward, Frances Munro, Mary Molloy, Mary French
Mary E. Wray, Margaret Ray, Sarah Wray, Mrs. King
Annie Madigan, Mary Kearne, Sarah Jameson, Mary Madigan
Loui Tanner, H. S. Skidmore, Elizabeth Reid, Mary Baker 
Henrietta Leal, Bridget Lynch, Bridget Higgins, Mary Walters
Mary Carey, Elizabeth Corbett, Ellen Kennedy, Maria Webb
Fanny Allen, C. McKewin, B. McKewin, A. Murray, Louisa Carter
Maria Fletcher, Harriet Fletcher, Jane Wright, Ann O'Donnell
Kate Newman, Barbara Calderwood, Jane Groat, Elizabeth Viney
Sarah Brittle, E. Flemming, E. Finnimore, Mary Bradley
Mary Dalton, Ann Evans, Leoline Redgrave, Margaret Evans
Elizabeth Roughton, Fanny Marsh, L. Denman
Caroline Bell, Eliza Beesley, Mrs. Doods, Agnes Redinan, Emma Gunn
Elizabeth Gibson, Jane Gibson, Emma Croal, Adeline Hawlett
Mary Ann Armstrong, June Armstrong, Rose Duggan, Annie Jessen
Mary Ann Finnimore, Mary Chalmers, Norah Dowd, Mary McDermill
Margaret Gibson, William Nobes, Samuel Sykes, Thos. Baines
Joseph B. Gray, Abraham C. Leach, Jeremiah Ceulen, Alfred Baker
W. J. Brown, Robert Robson, Alfred Sims, G. A. Shewan, John McKewin
Richard David Jones, G. A. Sturgess, James Bickmore, Jonathan Williams
Geo. Louis Berry, J. Prouten, W. Millman, E. Willman
G. S. Culliford, G. Manning, Thos. Cullen, Thos. Trickey
W. Dowding, J. Taylor, F. Berry, Wm. Reed, G. Bowler, T. Conelly
James Dodds, Michael Douglas, Alex. Clugston, W. J. Clugston
Patrick Madigan, John Madigan, Edward Dodd, John Worrell
William Holdaway, Janies Holdaway, Charles Hunt, J. Stannard, Daniel Fox
M. McNamarra, James Lacey, William Dick, William Dunn, William Cummings
John H. Palmer, G. Jones, William Williams, William Day, James Ashton
Robert Baker, John Gaynor, John L. Tweedie, S. Henry Lawton, J. Laycock
L. Monk, A. H. Gardner, C. Doyle, Benjamin Chapman, Francis Hitchinson
Joseph Finnimore, John Winston, T. Mallett, J. B. Jones, Robert Carson
Patrick McShane, John McKoy, Samuel Taylor, James Hardearn, John Dorman
Henry Millman, T. Wm. Meazler, W. F. Page, T. Field, Isaac Button
Patrick Gaynor, Henry Hall, Jonah Thomas, Robert Ward, H. Goold
Alfred Bell, Edward Hillman, William Matthieson, Isaac A. Hartill
William Smyth, John Baker, William Taylor, William Hemming, George Searle
Samuel Sawyer, T. Tweedie, Thomas Watson, Robert Lowry, Fredk. Hodgins. 

Classified Advertising. (1869, December 23). The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933), p. 1. TROVE

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  1. What a great transcription!Did you know Cpt Evans died in Brisbane 10 days before the ship sailed again for London in April 1871? [wikipedia] Kath