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Unclaimed Letters - Kingsborough

Unclaimed Letters

Letters for the following are now lying at the Post Office, Kingsborough :-

    Allen, G. B.                 Muldoon, J.
    Bell, E. G.                  McLaughlin, Jno.
    Craig, W.                   
O'Grady, Mr.
    Dorsey, A.                   Ophlsson, Herr P.
    Elphick, Mrs. M. A.          O'Grady, J.
    Fullerton, Samuel (2)        Petersen, D.
    Golding, Thos.               Stansfield, W.
    Harris, Mr.                  Stansfield, W.
    Kelly, Daniel                Wieland, Mr.
    Lemon, T.                    Watson, & Co., Messrs
    Madden, G.                   Watts, A.

If not claimed on or before 1st September, 1879, will be sent to the Dead Letter Office.

R. Hy. WOOD,
Kingsborough, August 1, 1879.

Notice appearing in "The Hodgkinson Mining News" on 9th of August, 1879.

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