Tuesday, July 12, 2011


In a previous post - Unclaimed Money - mention was made of an Alice SULLY who married a WILCOX and went to Australia and assumed the name CLARKE. An article appeared in 'The Sydney Morning Herald' on the 27th of March, 1912 with regards to the will of one Thomas WILCOX and a beneficiary of that will was Alice SULLY.

Later in the same paper the following notice appeared -

NOTE-The said Alice Sully (formerly Wilcox) was a daughter of George Wilcox who was a son of the testator Thomas Wilcox. The said George Wilcox formerly resided at Weston-super-Mare Somerset, and he died on the 27th June 1862. The said Alice Wilcox married Charles Wesley Sully, and resided at Weston-super-Mare aforesaid. She was employed as a Milliner's Assistant until shortly befort the year 1883, when she left Weston-super-Mare and it is alleged went to Australia, and adopted the name of Clarke. It is alleged that she was last heard of in Sydney, New South Wales, in January, 1884.

8 New Square, London, W. C. 
Agents for
BAKER and CO.,
Weston-super-Mare, England.

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  1. Hello Greg
    I was fascinated to find your Davisgenealogyproject site.

    Charles Wesley Sully – was the brother of my great grandmother. Charles was a soldier in 1st Kings Dragoon Guards. He was born 1857 Weston super Mare Somt and died in Rawal Pindi India in 1884 from illness. I have only recently discovered he was married (1876 Cardiff). Charles left for South Africa in 1879, later being posted to India.
    Jennifer Jones