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Probates and Letters of Administration.

Appearing in The Queenslander 7th September, 1889

The following is a list of the probates and letters of administration granted in the Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court, from 18th May last to 31st August :-


Josephine Erickson, widow, of Brisbane, £208 10s. Bd.; exeoutrix, Julia Quirke.
Helena Hannah Hassall, of Ipswich, widow, £605 9s. 5d.; executors, T. F. Hassall and H. C. Ransom.
John Pierce, of Pine Creek, grazier, £384 19s. 6d.; executor, F. R. C. Striiver.
Ann Walker, of Bingera, £11,832; executors, A. C. Walker, W. B. O'Connell, and W. Adams.
Daniel Baldwin, of Bulimba, free holder, £2190; executors, Jas. Nuttall and Daniel Baldwin.
William Harm, of Maryvale station, grazier, £30,612 ; executors, Mary B. Harm, Wm. Aplin, and A. T. Halloran.
James Walton, of Ipswich, carpenter, £1285 ; executors, Jane Walton and Jas. M'Gill.
Paul Grant, of Cooktown, miner, £100 ; executors, Michael Bowen and Wm. Tower.
Janet Johnstone, of Fortitude Valley, widow, £3692; executors A. H. Smith and Thos. Yuile.
Wm. Gill Bailey, of South Brisbane, £917 15s. 10d.; executors, Queensland Permanent Trustee, Exeoutor, and Finance Agency Company.
Johann Fredk. Gottlieb Raddatz, of Gatton, farmer, £105 10s.; executrix, F. Raddatz, widow.
Chas. Gilliver, of Queenton, Charters Towers, licensed victualler, £1175 16s. 1d.; executors, J. M'Donald and E. D. Miles.
George Rollason, of Dalrymple, saddler, £208 11s.; executors, E. D. Miles and R. Kirkbride.
Joseph Walters, of Isisford, £1074 10s.; exeoutrix, Mary Walters, widow.
Fanny Trundle, of Brisbane, widow, £665 14s. 5d.; executors, Chas. Jos. Trundle and J. H. Henzell.
George Teasdale, of Mooloolah, farmer, £571 10s.; executrix, Eliz. Teasdale, spinster.
Patrick Lonergan, of Milton, near Brisbane, cooper, £419; executrix, Norah Lonergan, widow.
Bernard Mullin, of Clermont, licensed victualler, £2932 5s. 3d.; executrix, Ellen Mullin, widow.
John Milchreest, of Cairns, £899 8s. 1d.; executors, W. Jack and Daniel Patience.
Wm. Barram, of Redbank, near Ipswich, freeholder, £1778; executrix, Maria Barram, widow.
John Saint, of Bundaberg, store keeper, £3210; exeoutrix, Sophia Saint, widow.
Terrance Doyle, of Veresdale, freeholder, £726; exeoutrix, Margaret Doyle, widow.
John Trotter, of Cooktown, contractor, £100 ; executrix, Margaret Trotter, widow.
Batchoo, of Prince of Wales Island, Torres Straits, diver, £730; executor, Thomas Cusson.
George Harris, of Nudgee, near Brisbane, vineyard proprietor, £2022 0s. 10d.; executrix, Elizabeth Harris.
John Doney Mabby, of Tambo, lately of Blackall, Presbyterian minister, £389 4s. 4d.; executors, William Jas. Hartley and Daniel Budge.
Jas. Cornelius O'Sullivan, of Charters Towers, miner, £236; exeoutors, Michael Scales and Jas. Ahem.
Henry Martin, of Ipswich, labourer, £100; executors, Gaius Horne and George Martin.
Henry Walters Risien, of Rockhampton, commission agent, £100; executors Henry John Risien and James Atherton;
James Compsie Dalglish, of Goulburn, New South Wales, district surveyor, £385 ; executors, Marie Sophie Nicholson Dalglish, widow, and John Dalglish.
Peter Russell, of Warwick, carpenter, £179 ; executrix, Jane Russell, widow.
James Davis, of Brisbane, china and glass warehouseman, £12,737 14s. 1d.; executors, Thomas Gray and George Grimes.
Carl Snomei, of Cooktown, miner, £101 0s. 6d.; executor, Charles John Wilson.
Pehr Nilsson, of Maryborough, farmer, £150 10s.; executor, Neils Peterson.
James Pearson Balsillie, of Townsville, warehouseman, £1131; executors, Geo. Johnstone and Joseph Saint Clair Bernard.
Camille Jourdan, of Yandilla, engineer, £100 ; executor, Francis Arthur Gore.
Emily Mountford Lawson, of Brisbane, widow, £1716 15s. 3d.; executors, Robert Hazelwood Lawson and A. L. Lawson.
Esther Atherton, of Mount Hedlow, near Rockhampton, widow, £4843 11s. 1d.; executors, James Atherton and  Edmund Atherton.
Charles Simpson, of Windsor-road, Brisbane, builder, £216 11s. 6d.; executrix, Ellen Simpson, widow.
Charles Hill, of White Wood Ridge, carrier, £219 0s. 6d.; executrix, Eliza Hill, widow.
Abraham Doxey, of Toowoomba, engine driver, £194 8s. 5d.; executrix, Shelomith Doxey, widow.
Gottlieb Klnmpp, of Coorparoo, farmer, £807 ; executor, Triairita Klumpp.
Henry Lisle Elliott, of Redcliffe Station, near Hughenden, grazier, £643 18s.; executrix, Annie Agnes Elliott, widow.
Daniel Ryan, of Charters Towers, storeman, £887 3s. 3d.; executors, Mary Ryan, widow, and David Rolleston.
Maria Elizabeth Martin, of Heathfield Estate, near Brisbane, £400: executrix, Adelaide Mary Martin, spinster.
James Cron Halliday of Maryborough, engineer, £110;. executrix Alice A. Halliday, widow.
Alfred Thomas Wood, of Yeppoon, £7923 2s. 9d.; Executrix, Sarah Ann Wood, widow.
Daniel Galvin of Cooktown, hotelkeeper, £2073 16s. 1d.; executors, James Mahon and John Madden.
John Henry, of South Brisbane, labourer £160; executors, Percival Hiley and Robert Watson Wilson.
William Pratt, of Cooktown, labourer, £100, executor, Edward Dooley.
Thomas Craig, of Warwick, £1431 2s. 6d.; executrix, Bridget Craig, widow.
Catherine Timoney, of Port Douglas, milliner, £816 6s. 6d.; executor, Rev. Edmund O'Flynn.
George William Jackson, of Ipswich, billiard-marker, £106 4s.; executors, Elizabeth Jackson, widow, and John White.
William David Bauerle, of Charters Towers, mining manager, £585; executrix, Maria Bauerle, widow.
William Arthur, of Toowoomba, £975 13s. 7d.; executor, Samuel George Stephens.
Heinrick Herold, of Murray-street, Rockhampton, cab proprietor, £440; executrix, Catherine Herold, widow.
William Morris Smith, of Rookhampton, carter, £791 7s. 5d.; executrix, Sarah Jane Smith, widow.
John Davis, of Rockhampton, carrier, £885 14s. 5d.; executors, John Davis and Robert Dunbar.
Patrick Fleming, of Cooktown, police-constable, £1249 5s. 5d.; executor, William Robinson Smith.
George Robinson, of Newtown, near Sydney, New South Wales, £185; executors, Charles Robinson, Thomas T. Robinson, and Maria Robinson, widow.
John Fitzpatrick, of Mount Morgan, carpenter, £325 ; executrix, Charlotte Fitzpatrick, widow.
James Graham Jack, of Watsonville, storekeeper, £601 15s. 8d.; executors, William Jack and Martha Jack, widow.
Mary Ann Hartley, of Red Hill, near Brisbane, widow, £130; executor, Francis Joseph Hartley.
William Cowan, of Carrawang. Coochin, grazier,£12oo 10s.; executors, William Robertson Cowan and Mary Ann Forsyth, wife of R. Forsyth, of Darling Downs.
Susan Bogild, of Cooktown, widow, £092 10s.; executor, Rev. James Dominick.
Augustus Brooks, of Charters Towers, clerk, £100; executors, Alexander Wilson and Frederick Thomas Dean.
Daniel Brown, of Brisbane, master mariner, £335 4s. 11d.; executrix, Lavinia Amelia Schofield, wife of George Schofield, of Milton ;
William Carroll, of Maryborough, saddler, £261 18s. 2d.; executrix, Ellen Carroll, widow.
Thomas Pendergast, of Maryborough, freeholder, £2731 6s. 2d.; executors, Henry Jardine Gray and Patrick Brennan.
George Risden Howe, of South Brisbane, compositor, £576; executrix, Elizabeth Howe, widow.
Chen Quen, of Gympie, storekeeper, £1087 10s. 6d.; executors, Lin Goon and Charles Chen Toy.
Kong Dee, of St. Lawrence, storekeeper, £2446 15s.; executor, Wm. Henry Dee.
Thomas Robertson, of Ferny Lawn, Redcliffe, £28,035; executors, Marie Anne Robertson, widow, and Geo. Henry Green.
Thomas Hill, of Brisbane, labourer, £728 9s. 8d.; executor, John Hamilton Hill.
Charles Upton, farmer, of Brookfield, near Brisbane, farmer, £2025 1s. 6d.; executors, John Dart and Robert Joseph Logan.
Janet Philp, of Ma Ma Creek, near Gatton, spinster, £490; executrix, Isabella Stern Philp, spinster.
Gibson Stewart, of Ipswich, farmer, £554; executrix, Anne Jane Stewart, of Ipswich.

Letters of Administration.

Annie Turner, of Bolingbroke, near Mackay, £640 ; executor, Graham Aug. Turner.
Herbert Owen Bridge, of Maryborough, drapers'   assistant, £320; executor, R. Owen Bridge.
Joshua Davies, of Brisbane, tailor, £550; executrix, Emma Davies, widow.
Daniel Cronin, of Adavale, licensed victualler, £661 16s. 1d.; executrix, Catherine Cronin, widow.
John O'Dea, of Gympie, miner, £100; executor, Cornelius O'Dea.
Henry Edward Augustus Allan, of Sydney, merchant, £580 ; executor, J. H. Flower.
Lucy Emma Chamberlain, of Brisbane, £390; executor, Wm. Chamberlain.
Watson Henry, of Ipswich, carpenter, £217 5s. 1d.; executrix, Eliza Jane Laing.
Eliza Phillips, of Paddington, widow, £1993 11s. 11d.; executor, Peter Phillips.
John Woodward, of Maryborough, clerk, £133 12s. 11d.; executor, Annie Woodward, widow.
David Danaher, of Oakey Creek, farmer, £252; executor, Letitia Danaher, widow;
Thomas Osbourne Mawby, of Townsville, carrier, £142   7s.; executor, Robert Mawbv;
William Halliday, of Granville, near Maryborough, £378 19s. 3d.; executor, Susannah Hughes;
Richard Trentham, of Brisbane, mouldor, £126; executor, Clara Trentham, widow.
William Thornton, of Croydon, miner, £155 ; executor, George Kerr.
William Ryan, of Townsville, miner, £157 7s. 9d.; executor, Bridget Ryan.
Henry Upton, of East Look, Petworth, Sussex, England, £708 8s.; executor, D. Geo. Stewart.
John Edward Walker, of Cardwell, selector, £1217 3s. 7d.; executor, Edward William Blackman.
Ernest Ludwig Frederich Dau, of Tenthill, near Ipswich, farmer, £240; executor, Frederika Dau, widow;
Wallace Fraser, of Gympie, jeweller, £100 ; executor, Mary Ann Fraser, widow.
George Robinson, of North Ipswich, labourer, £469 3b. 10d.; executrix, Martha Robinson, widow.
William Fallon, of Brisbane, civil servant, £271 12s. 7d.; executor, Rev. Denis Fouhy.
Susan Whitton, of Indooroopilly, £100 ; executor, W. R. L. Whitton.
William Searston, of Silkstone, near Ipswich, miner, £100 ; executrix, Anna Williams.
Frederick Pedder, of Thargomindah, contractor, £100; executrix, Mary Pedder, widow.
William Blackmore, of Orient Camp, near Herberton, licensed victualler, £509 18s. 2d.; executrix, Margaret Blackmore, widow.
Christain Gratz, of Roma, labourer, £208 8s. 8d.; executor, Joseph Gratz.
Michael Mullin, of Clermont, bushman, £233 8s.; executrix, Catherine Mullin, widow.
Robert Kyle Little, of Eyre's Creek, sub-inspector of native police, £441 5s. 6d.; executrix, Dora Little, widow.
William Holmes, of Cardwell, manager of sawmills, £359; executrix, Alice Mary Holmes, widow.
James Penrose Hickson, of Charters Towers, station manager, £617 19s. 6d.; executrix, Ellen A. Hickson.
Henry Smith, of New Farm, contractor, £221 10s.; executrix, Emma M. Smith, widow.
John Hoyland, of Thompson Estate, Brisbane, freeholder, £195; executrix, Sarah Hoyland, widow.
James Scott Lyell, of Aucklaud, New Zealand, £1100: executor. Ernest Winter.
Eagle Bell, of North Rockhampton, labourer, £240; executrix, Elizabeth Bell, widow.
Sarah Jane Carbery, of Brisbane, spinster, £273 15s.; executrix, Jane Carbery, widow.
David Stewart, of Torrens Creek, licensed victualler, £600 11s. 2d.; executrix, Bridget Stewart, widow.
James Timms, of Red Hill, Brisbane, messenger, £280; executrix, Helen Timms, widow.
Robert James Hill, of St. Hawthorn, Victoria, £251 ; executor, Graham Lloyd Hart.
Thomas Henry Kerkeek, of Charters Towers, miner, £295 16s.; executor, John Gard.
Anna Andrews, of Warwick, widow, £250 ; executor, John Andrews.
Susannah Batty, of Brisbane, £218; executor, Elijah Batty.
Richard Ambrose Hopper, of Brisbane, ship designer, £137 17s.; executrix, Frances Hopper, widow.
James Hull, of Mooloolah, farmer, £244 11s. 6d.;   executor, Thomas Hall.
Louis Menzies, of Brisbane, bootmaker, £656 5s. 6d.; executrix, Mina Menzies, widow.
George M'Gown, of Maryborough, engine-fitter, £475 12s. 2d.; executrix, Julia M'Gown, widow.
John Garvie, of Maryborough, sugar-planter, £204 ; executrix, Mary Garvie, widow.
Mary Meldon, of Toowoomba, £407; executor, Joseph Meldon.
Henry Charles Weiland Busch, of Ipswich, teacher, £824 17s.; executor, George Sylvester Murphy.
James Mullen, of Rocky Waterholes, bachelor, £301 8s. 11d.; executor, Thomas Mullen.
Helen Wallace Powell, of Albion, near Brisbane, £2300 ; executor, Henry Powell.
William Burns, of Augathella, licensed victualler, £1758 13s.; executrix, Catherine Burns, widow.
James Alexander Want, of Nundah, near Brisbane, dairyman, £199 11s.; executrix, Elizabeth Ellen Want, widow.
Edgar Charles Palmer, of Rockhampton, engineer, £231 6s. 3d.; executrix, Elizabeth Palmer, widow.
James Hill Drabble, commonly called James Drabble, of South Brisbane, fisherman, £2201; executrix, Anne Drabble, widow.
Matthew William Thronp, of Broken Hill, New South Wales, miner, £230; executor, Arthur William Chambers.
John Nettle, of Charters Towers, miner, £568 14s. 6d.; executor, Robert Collins.
Jas. M'Kenna, of Charters Towers, baker, £404 2s. 6d.; executrix, Norah M'Kenna, widow.
Hans Christian Ludwig Petersen, of Watsonville, miner, £136 18s.; executrix, Albertine Christine Petersen, widow.
Matilda Lyons, of Sydney, New South Wales, £125 6s. 9d.; executor, Queensland Permanent Trustee, Executor, and Finance Agency Company, Limited.
Jas. Johnston, of Fernberg-road, West Milton, cab proprietor, £144 13s.; executrix, Martha Johnston, widow.
Jessie Jane Ranken M'Donald, of Tempe, Cook's River, Now South Wales, spinster, £1000; executor, Campbell Thomas M'Donald.

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