Tuesday, March 29, 2011


'The Queenslander' on Saturday 18th of August, 1866


Ship Rockhampton, 1065 tons, Captain Christianson, from Liverpool, via Queenstown. Bright Bros., agents. Brisbane Roads. Ship Star of England, 1544 tons, Captain Newell, from London. J. & G. Harris, agents. Brisbane Roads. Ship Southern Ocean, 1236 tons, Captain Craigg, from London, via Portsmouth. J. and G. Harris, agents. Brisbane Roads. Ship Golden South, 975 tons, Captain Faithfull, from Lirerpool via Hervey's Bay. Bright Brothers, agents. Brisbane Roads. Ship Wansfell, 717 tons, Captain Reynolds, from London, via Southampton. J. G. Harris, agents. Brisbane Roads. Barque Clan Alpine, 263 tons, Captain J. M. Sim, from Adelaide. G. Raff and Co., agents.

At the Bar.   Barque Norman, 388 tons, Captain Williamson, from London. Webb Brothers, agents. Barque Nightingale, 245 tons, Captain Browne, for Newcastle. G. Raff and Co., agents. Schooner Spray, 103 tons, Captain Hurley, from Circular Head. Barker and Co., agents. Barker's wharf. Schooner Mary Ann, 134 tons, Captain J. V. Lane, from Newcastle. T. Unmack, agent. Schooner Fox, 175 tons, Captain D. Howell, from Newcastle. Barker and Co., agents, Barker's wharf. Schooner Scotia, 104 tons, Captain Bartlett, from Circular Head. G. Raff and Co., agents. Brisbane Roads.

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