Friday, February 18, 2011

A Wonderful Way of Expression

The following article was posted by Michael Coomber on [KENT-ENG] mailing list and shows a wonderful way of expressing things in days gone by.

>From Public Advertiser ( London,  England ), Tuesday, October 5, 1790;  Issue 17550.  A few days since the  following shocking accident happened at Farnborough,  in Kent:    -  As Mr. TIBBS , master of the George Inn, at that place, was  taking five  of his children to school at Orpington, in a post-chaise, the  door accidentally  flew open, and two of the children fell out, when one of  the wheels went over  the head of a fine boy, ( who was breeched but the day  before ) and killed him  almost instantly; the other escaped unhurt.

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