Wednesday, January 26, 2011


223 years ago today the first of my family arrived in Australia.

Mary PILES arrived on the ship 'Lady Penrhyn' along with a few friends while across the bay Ottiwell INGLE was on board the 'Alexander' with a few of his mates.

Naturally if you are going to send all of these nice young people on a holliday cruise around the other side of the big blue ball you had better send along a chaperone to keep an eye on them, so their sponsor George William Frederick sent a chap by the name of John CHEW.

Now Mary and Ottiwell enjoyed themselves so much they decided to get married in September that year and at about the same time Mary was getting herself a little extra enjoyment with that chaperone (everyone knows that chaperones can't be trusted) and my great great great grandfather, John HENDLE, was born the following June.

My mother would have loved to have known about the criminals in her family, but I'm not finished here just yet

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